RHOBH: Poker Drama…Brandi vs Kyle, playing dumb and still jealous of Kim?

Finally, the REAL Real Housewives are back.  I was wondering how long Bravo was going to hold the franchise hostage by airing NOTHING but that thinly disguised (and poorly staged) campaign to get the Guidices out of jail time.  Gross.

Moving on: RHOBH!

It looks like the producers have finally given up and just flat out hired soap opera actresses….

Normally one goes from Real Housewives to Celebrity Apprentice, not the other way around…but we’re halfway into the season and I’m not even sure I’ve had a chance to get to know them but for talking shit about Brandi and kissing Lisa Vanderpump’s ass.  HA.

Poker Drama

Every poker party has that girl who pretends she doesn’t know how to play because she thinks it’s cute.  This works in college…when you’re pushing 50 it’s annoying as shit.

RHOBH Kim and Brandi call Kyle and Lisa Rinna out on pretending they dont know how to play poker

Kim and Brandi are not amused by Kyle and Lisa Rinna’s feigned ignorance.

Kyle’s one of those girls who plays dumb so that no one notices any of the sneaky devious shit she pulls behind everyone’s back.

Remember last season at Yolanda’s house she acted like she didn’t know what an Grammy looked like…/eyeroll

RHOBH Kyle pretends she didnt know what a grammy looks like

Grammy? Is THAT what those are? I had no idea…!

Fighting over Camera time with Kim

I see Kim getting sucked into the same negativity with her sister that sucked the life out of her to begin with.  Kyle got physical with Brandi first.  It’s on tape and I really don’t have anything else to say about it.  Kyle couldn’t give two shits about Kim when the cameras aren’t rolling…  That’s what this is about.

The Jealousy Issue

It’s not about addiction, it’s about jealousy and how Kim can’t trust Kyle and has most likely confided this to Brandi.  Really, Kyle with the ‘accidental’ wine tasting?  What a sneak.  Not all sisters are like Anna and Elsa.  Some are like the Glenda and the Wicked Witch of the East.

While everyone loves to hate Brandi, I’ll wager half a closet of Lisa Vanderpump’s bedazzled Elvis shirts that Kim’s more than vented to her about how Kyle REALLY treats her…and THAT’S why Brandi was so defensive of Kim.

Lisa Vanderpump pays a shit load of money for shirts that look like an elvis costume

Stare at that cuff for 30 seconds and keep a straight face.  I dare you.

Lisa losing her luster (ooo dat alliteration)

Lisa Vanderpump is proving rather disappointing this season…I mean how does she go from being Brandi’s ride or die bitch to suddenly feign shock at her behaviour?

Sure they had a falling out but Lisa’s straight up acting like she has NO IDEA what Brandi’s talking about

…this from a woman who owns a pair of swans named “Hanky” and “Panky”…get the fuck out of here.

Brandi’s turn

Really, there are 10,000 other reasons to hate Brandi (like the way she treated Joyce last season…WTF was that?!)…why are you trying so hard to sell the ONE where Brandi’s actually RIGHT!

Let’s be clear, if one of my girlfriends had asked me to sit down with and hear out the “unapologetic twat” who slept with my husband (while I was pregnant with his child no less!)…just so she could justify having said “twat” appear on our reality show…you bet your sweet biscuits I’d be incredulous if she acted like somehow I was at fault for having none of it.

It’s obvious this season is Brandi’s turn to get ganged up on…



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