RHOC: Respect, Loyalty and what are lamb fries? Ryan Culberson and Brianna torture Vicki some more…/groan

Ok, why is Ryan Culberson and his pet *ehem* wife still filming RHOC?  Please go away…your fifteen minutes are over.

The only difference between Ryan/Brianna and Vicki/Brooks is about 30 years and two babies.  There, I said it.  Cue the Circle of Life.

RHOC what are lamb fries

If you’re not into Rocky Mountain Oysters don’t try Lamb Fries…

Every time these two are on screen it’s cringworthy…after last season I was hoping they’d disappear into their own personal hell but noooooooooo…they’re back like a turd that won’t flush…

Vicki asks Briana a question…Briana looks at Ryan…Ryan nods…Briana answers question…


RHOC Briana looks to her master, Ryan before answering her mother's question

Briana looks to her master, before answering her mother’s question

The way they torture Vicki is just appalling.  Humiliating her and holding her grandson over her head, it’s disgusting.  And then in confessional claiming Vicki’s never there?  It looks more like they’re playing a passive aggressive invitation game, inviting Vicki when they know she can’t make it….

Respect is Earned…

Ryan calls Vicki “disrespectful”…and 5 minutes later (tv time of course lol) openly disrespects her while she’s filming her own show!

Ryan asked Vicki, “do you like shrimp”…Vicki responds, “yes”…so of course Ryan does the honorable thing:

…ordered testicles, gave frustratingly vague (but still honest) answers when Vicki asked what it was…and tried to get her to eat it on camera…

At least the wait staff was honest:

Real housewives Vicki Gunvalson asks a waiter What are lamb fries?

What are lamb fries?

The worst part was watching Brianna laugh, looking out the side of her eyes to make sure Ryan saw her laughing at her Mother…

While a part of Briana genuinely enjoys fucking with Vicki…it’s also obvious she’s disrespecting her Mother for Ryan’s approval.

Honestly, it’s deep fried testicles…shit like this would be funny on the Bad Girl’s Club but it’s hard to watch someone go out of their way to make someone else feel uncomfortable…especially if that person is the grandmother of their children.

Oklahoma House Buying…/yawn

What a joke…Brianna gushing over how 400K (USD) will get you SOOOOO much more in Oklahoma (which I don’t doubt…if you can recognize quality) …but the 350K house has hollow doors and ceramic tile?  Really?  I bet you have a $3,000 plastic purse too…and Ryan made you cut it up one evening to prove that you don’t need expensive things to be happy (ok that was a little dark…but so was that the Season 8 Finale…).

Oh and I love how Brianna took a few minutes to cry about how life is hard on her…because she wanted to be a traveling nurse…do MSF (Doctors Without Borders)…but sacrificed to have a family.

OK.  We all watched you grow up on Real Housewives…


YOU started talking to a married guy online

YOU ran away to meet him in person

YOU got knocked up and

YOU married him in a drive through Las Vegas wedding chapel.


Maybe right about now you’re realizing it’s not all it cracked up to be…

But don’t for one second act like you sacrificed anything.  You weren’t forced into anything, you made your choice.  Now I wonder how many more years you’ll keep acting like everything’s “ok” until you finally can’t take it anymore.

Ok, Moving ON…

Oh Ryan, I hope you peak at E6 you silly wanker.  You’ll get respect when you deserve it…from everyone you don’t terrorize that is…

Look, I don’t hate the kid…but I see through his shit and I’m tired of it wasting air time on the Real Housewives of Orange County!




3 comments on “RHOC: Respect, Loyalty and what are lamb fries? Ryan Culberson and Brianna torture Vicki some more…/groan

  1. Vegan Cinephile
    June 13, 2014

    Love this post, I’m so happy someone else is watching this whole Ryan/Briana nightmare besides me!

  2. Your Majesty,to you.
    March 15, 2015

    I just think you little people are funny more than anything,you’re dumb enough to make nasty comments about someone you’ve never even met,especially when he’s one of the only few good people the shows ever had,look how quick you garbage are to attack someone for a situation that has nothing to do with you whatsoever,good people don’t say anything,the only people in question are you evil ones.Let’s humour you for a second,let’s say Ryan did do something bad,that woman did something bad too,she went into someone’s house,put her feet on the Sofa and was rude to a boss,of course she was going to get told off,and instead of apologising and moving on,on top of that she went outside and INSTIGATED an ambush on Ryan,unfortunate for her most of us saw right through her.You vultures really need to find a hobby,how unhappy are you inside to need to B*t*h about people in the first place,you’re just evil natured clowns.

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