BGC 11: Jumping and Eye Gouging? Jealous Mimi vs Sarah and did Teresa get roofied?

Wow, just what in the fancy FUCK was that on tonight’s Bad Girl’s Club?  Mimi vs Sarah…

That wasn’t a fight.  That was pure jealousy and hatred manifested through violence.  Period.

BGC 11 Mimi in her underwear arguing with Sarah

Sarah’s ass. That shit’s legit and Mimi just can’t handle it.

What did Sarah do to Mimi that justified potentially being disfigured for life?

Just in case you are just tuning in, tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club, season 11 featured a fight where starfucker, Mimi Milyn Jensen tried to gouge out model, Sarah Oliver’s eyes and scar her face.

BGC 11 Sarah Oliver bleeding eye scratched face

Weak ass Mimi couldn’t win a fight with Sarah…so she jumped her and pulled out her hair and later scratched her face and tried to claw out her eye. Eww.

Read that again…slowly…Mimi tried to GOUGE OUT Sara’s EYES.


That’s not bad ass…that’s just stupid as hell, weak as hell and pathetic.

That’s the kind of shit you read about in horrific domestic abuse trials or survival stories when someone escapes a rapist…

You’re on a reality show you silly cow (insert royalty cheque to Gordon Ramsay here…ha).  You hate a bitch you beat her up with your FISTS…duh.

Oh, and after Mimi got sent home the morons in the house were mad at SARAH for “getting” MIMI sent home.

BGC 11 girls are pretty but boring damn

Wah, we’re pretty but we hate Sarah because we’re insecure and secretly think she’s hotter than us and hate that she gets all the attention at the clubs without having to be a total skank.

What a fucking joke.

Mimi, congratulations, you’re officially the weakest bitch ever.  Even weaker than that emo chick who only stayed in the house for 10 minutes (lol wtf was that?).

BGC 11 new girl Janelle is tall

Daaaamn new girl Janelle is tall, thin and could probably do well to watch an eyebrow tutorial on youtube but I swear if Jazmone starts hating on her because she’s a model I’m going to give up on this season and call it the Jealous Hater’s Club.

Teresa’s Roofie Adventure

Well at least we got a nice view of Teresa’s perfect rack and saw how horribly her ex-boyfriend controls her emotions.

BGC 11 Teresas amazing boobs

Don’t let that boy fuck with ur head…you go out there, dust off your self confidence and find a real man. Disrespecting yourself won’t make him love you more.

While it looked like she got nakid wasted at the club I almost feel like if I found out she was roofied I wouldn’t be surprised.

Alcohol is one thing but she was straight up out of control and if that was JUST alcohol, she’d have thrown up or passed out…

BGC 11 Teresa goes ape shit in the limo

Everyone’s a deer in headlights as Teresa goes ape shit in the limo.

My theory: the taping cuts from the girls in the club to the girls waiting in the limo for 2 of the bad girls getting in because the producers noticed what was going on and pulled the girls out of the club.

Farewell Sarah, I’m going to miss you.

While I hate to see Sarah go, I do agree with the producer’s decision…Sarah’s a bad bitch and wouldn’t walk out, but if she stayed there was a good chance she’d get seriously hurt and it’s easier to send her home than recast the entire season (although unless shit gets better, that’s not an altogether bad idea…)

I do question what kind of precedent this will set for the show.  I’ve said from day one that eventually this show will become a victim of its own escalating extremes.  I’m just surprised someone hasn’t had an earring ripped out yet.

So does this mean that from now on if all the girls gang up on the pretty one with the best ass it’ll be a liability for the producers and they’ll send the hottest chick home?  Somehow I think that’s bullshit.

With Mimi and Sarah gone there’s definitely a power vacuum in the house.  I can’t wait to see who rises to the top.

3 comments on “BGC 11: Jumping and Eye Gouging? Jealous Mimi vs Sarah and did Teresa get roofied?

  1. Car
    September 7, 2013

    Pretty hilarious!!

  2. Primavera
    October 16, 2013

    Sarah was a fake. Her ass is fake! She was on an unaired reality show called “mistresses of Atlanta ” and discussed getting butt implants, she is racist too. I do not think anyone but Mimi was jealous of Sarah, but Sarah was jealous of Gigi. This season all of these girls are nuts but Sarah was one thirsty bitch.

  3. Primavera
    October 16, 2013

    Oh and did you notice how Sarah did not like it when the other girls got attention in the clubs. I thought Sarah was the skankiest one! Fake blond hair, fake boobs, and fake ass scream SKANK.

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