RHOM: Season 2 Reunion Wrap Up!

I was cleaning up my drafts folder and found this article about RHOM last season…


For me, this trainwreck of a season couldn’t end fast enough.  The reunion, honestly, was the only interesting part and strangely enough told me more about the ladies in 2 hours (ok, 80 minutes after commercials…) than an entire season of filming and editing.

So here’s my wrap up of the season and my opinions about what’s really going on.

RHOM adriana phone

…that’s what she said!


At the beginning of the season Lea was threatened by Lisa.

She might paint things one way on the show but it’s very clear that society only puts up with her because her husband is everyone’s lawyer.  She knows this and wields the weapon quite freely to get her way.

Lea was threatened by Lisa’s party to the point where her +2 were people known to be feuding with other guests.  To pretend that you didn’t know bringing Joe Francis to a lingerie party was a bad idea is akin to acting surprized at the carnage after adding a pirhanna to an aquarium full of goldfish.

RHOM Andy Cohen at Reunion

Wait, so Joe Francis at a lingerie party ended with a girl crying? I’m sorry, why is everyone so surprised about this? HAHA

Lea was testing her boundaries with Lisa with an extreme situation.  If I were Lisa, at the first second someone told me Joe Francis was running around at my sexy party I’d have had them all escorted out.

Lisa basically told Lea that she is not going to demand respect, she is going to wait for permission to demand respect.  She had the perfect opportunity to assert herself as a strong lady of the house.  She failed.

“Best friends” ?? Anna’s Creepy Obsession w/her Ex-husband

Oh Anna!  If only this season hadn’t focused so much on your boring ass kids and rediculously obnoxious codependent un-relationship with that man begging to be your ex-husband and your disgusting attempts to remain relevant in his life by asserting that you’ll always be his best friend.

RHOM: Annas Ex Husband begging her to sign the divorce

Come on, just sign that shit so I can move on with my life…please…shit!

Wow I hated you so damn much it was so pathetic to watch you do his laundry.  That’s his wife’s job.  Ur not his wife.  Let go.  Insisting he get a pre-nup and shallowly disguise it as ‘looking out for your children’ when in reality you’ll do anything to justify in your mind that whatever relationship he has after you will never be anything compared to what he had with you.

Wanting to meet his girlfriend so you could size her up and passive aggressively try to impart to her that she’ll never be as close to your ex-husband as you think you are.  It’s almost like you read a book on how to be the ex-wife-baby-mama from hell.

RHOM Anna explains how her ex will always be her best friend

…but after the divorce you’ll still let me do your laundry, right?

You came off controlling, borderline mentally ill at first I was excited to see an actual lawyer, (not just a lawyer’s wife lol) but it was hard to watch 90% of your footage this season.

That being said, holy shit!  That reunion!  Maybe finally letting go of your ex let you find yourself a little!  I’m looking forward to next season because I want to see you put Lea in her place!

Audriana…I’m not buying it.

Adrianna!  WTF is wrong with you!  You were my favorite housewife last season, strong, intelligent and grounded.  This season you were jealous, catty and ignorant.  It was hard to watch.  All you did was follow Lea around like a little puppy (when re-runs come around, you always see Adrianna 2 steps behind Lea it’s wierd).

RHOM everyone scheming against Karent

…it must be boring being a millionaire, although arguably I don’t think the brunette has any money.

You’re that crazy girl who thinks she can ruin people’s lives when they piss her off.  The way you obsessed over Karent and then Joanna was really ill, it’s almost like you forgot about your own life and career mid-season and did nothing but obsess over them on camera.  It was boring.

The way you went after Joanna completely shattered your facade as far as I’m concerned and I don’t buy your story.  You almost got me…almost.  I don’t believe for one second that was the first time you sucker punched someone.

RHOM Audriana vs Joanna Krupa

…Adriana doesn’t like the cocktail dress that Joanna wore to the cocktail party…lol

Here’s what I think happened:  You’re a hustler, you’re very intelligent and you were born very poor with little opportunity.  You’re more street smart than book smart and insanely resourceful.  You’re very good at finding a mark.  You are a scam artist.  You worked your way into parties and made friends easily so by the time someone asked, “Who the hell was that?” someone else had an answer.

You either got knocked up as a mistress and threatened disclosure in exchange for an education in France…or you never when to school in France to begin with.  My money’s on the second part.  People are only important to you as long as they serve some purpose, you use your son. You work so hard at convincing everyone someone else is fake because you are and you are insecure about it.

RHOM Leah's amazing scarf

Holy crap how awesome is Leah’s scarf!

You don’t have a pot to piss in and are very loyal to Lea because she knows the truth and she’d sell you out in a heartbeat if you crossed her.

…and what she might know about everyone else, a weapon she wields quite freely against Anna at the reunion: “If you don’t stop telling lies about me, I’m going to start telling the TRUTH about you!”

I think the biggest problem with this show is the two from Texas.  Send Adrianna and Lea back to Plano where they belong and let’s get the REAL Miami party started.


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