ANTM: Boring, Still Fails at Social Media and the Manson Family Photoshoot

Social Media is Still Fails

Ok, riddle me this Top Model…just from a practical standpoint, how is this supposed to sell clothes?

ANTM boys vs girls guess vertical building runway

Next runway will involve Peter Pan, a helicopter and someone dressed as Storm from X-Men…the models will be wearing a line of jewellery loosely inspired by Tolkein fan fiction…

I mean I get it, you’re trying to come up with new and shocking things…

…and arguably, at this point in the life cycle of the show it’s like you’re reaching into the freezer for a snack on a Sunday night and the only thing left is a freezer burned steak wrapped in plastic and some orphaned peas that fell out of that annoyingly unresealable bag of vegetable mix…

…but shit.  Get it together.

Instead of wasting production budget on trying to see how many different ways you can make a bunch of 22 year olds cry how about you invest money in…idunno…



Two seasons in a ROW with the FAIL ASS social media stuff.  It’s annoying as fuck.

Manson Family Photos

Yes, “that” Manson family.  You have no idea how much I wish I was joking…

So a few weeks ago models got to pose with a Victoria’s Secret angel in what could only be described as a black and white Charles Manson Family themed photo shoot.

ANTM Season 20 Tyras Manson Family Photoshoot

…I just went around drawing high fashion x’s on the models’ foreheads…no, I’m not making this up.

Shit.  Ego is one thing (and this show has no shortage of that ha) but this is just straight up ignorant.  Tyra, if you’re going to do makeup please educate your damn self.  I get that you’re trying to sell yourself as a renaissance woman but let me tell you before the rest of the internet does (I’m marginally nicer)…you’re doing it wrong.

Charles Manson during his trial in an undated photo. (AP Photo)

In probably one of the earliest examples of attention whoring, Charles Manson carved an X into his forehead to symbolize removing himself from society, later he turned it into a swastika to piss people off even more…as if murder wasn’t enough to get attention.

…so in the double edged sword that is Top Model, contestants got a portfolio photo with a well known supermodel…unfortunately they look like Manson Family rejects.  Awesome not awesome.

Where does this leave me?

I’m going to file the rest of ANTM Season 20 in the “TIVO it and watch it if it’s raining nuclear waste outside and I have to hide in a bunker to avoid the zombie apocalypse…and all of my True Blood DVDs are broken and some asshole burned all of my books” folder.

hey, it could happen…


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