Ink Master: JDanger vs Canvas Natalie’s 15 Minutes of Fame and Free Tattoos on Reality Shows

What I don’t understand is where these canvas people get off trying to control the artist.  You signed up for a FREE tattoo on a reality show and while you might be able to tell the artist what you like the whole idea is that the challenge theme/artist picks what you get because the artist is trying to win a fucking contest. Duh.

Ink Master Dave Navarro defends JDanger

For once, I actually agree with Dave Navarro…!

Increasingly it looks like these human canvases are operating under the impression that they can walk in and intimidate the artist into giving them what THEY want…like that one canvas on the garter challenge.  …asking for lettering and all sorts of crazy shit and her artist said, “this is a garter challenge, we have to tattoo a garter.  that’s it.”

If you want to get a tattoo of Jaye Davidson making love to Obi-Wan Kenobi under the Eiffel Tower during a solar eclipse…you’re going to have to PAY for it.  Seriously.

Canvas Natalie vs James Danger

What Canvas Natalie did to James Danger was disgusting and hard to watch.  It was very clear that she walked in there gunning for her 15 minutes of fame.

There is a special brand of people out there who once they realize someone is terrified of confrontation, get off on needling them into a panic attack.  When the victim finally snaps, they’re the same people who turn around and act like they have no idea what happened.

Ink Master Canvas Natalie

I signed up for a free tattoo on a reality show and punked out when I couldn’t pick the design…

This is very evident in Canvas Natalie’s version of “what happened”:

Dave Navarro: “So, Natalie, tell us what happened.  What went wrong today?”

Canvas Natalie: “To start off everything was ok…and then his hand was shaking, so I kind of was taken aback and I axed [sic] him about that and he said ‘well it’s you, you’re making me nervous’…I actually got scared.”

******Under what STRETCH of the imagination was everything OK…ever…in the exchange between these two.  She tries to make it sound like JDanger was nervous but she conveniently leaves out the 30 minutes of constant needling that got him into that state to begin with!******

Dave Navarro: “So ultimately, when it came down to the wire and you were going to walk out of here–“

Canvas Natalie: “I wasn’t, I had no intention of leaving.  He said ‘I am not the artist for you'”

******Um…no, you were yelling at him telling him it was “all about the tattoo” trying to get HIM to say something that would justify you walking out…******

Dave Navarro: “You’re saying to us that James decided, ‘this isn’t working, we shouldn’t do this’?”

Canvas Natalie: “He punked out”

******No, he didn’t punk out…SHE DID.  Canvas Natalie signed up to get a free tattoo on a reality show and when she realized she couldn’t intimidate the artist to do her design of choice SHE PUNKED OUT.******

This is really what was said right before Canvas Natalie walked out:

Canvas Natalie: “It’s all about the tattoo, say it now, we’re done”

*********WHAT SHOW ARE YOU ON?  Of course it’s all about the tattoo.  I see what she’s doing here, she was trying to bully him into a position where he could either give her exactly what she wanted or she’d walk out…and as exhausted as he was JDanger wasn’t going to touch what she wanted with a 10 foot pole!*********

James Danger: “You know what, you’re right, I don’t th– I’m not the artist for you”

Canvas Natalie: “That’s it!” *client walks out*

Judge’s Takes

I think Dave Navarro was spot on when he said, “I feel like she pushed him into a corner where he said, maybe I’m not the guy for you.”

…and that Chris Nunez was absurd to say, “Bedside manner is everything.  You put your hand on her arm and you go, ‘hey…we’re going to work through this, we’re good.'”

Ink Master Judge Chris Nunez Giving Bad Advice

This is not Dr. Phil, this is Ink Master…this guy’s definition of ‘bedside manner’ is paternalistic and a lawsuit waiting to happen…

———-> Really Chris?  At what point in your WILDEST imagination do you honestly think putting hands on this woman would have resulted in anything less than a BIG FAT FUCKING LAWSUIT?  Come on.

Now I can see Chris Nunez’s other point.  I don’t think I’d have gone so far as to call JDanger a bitch but in all theory, as an adult, JDanger should have control over his own emotions.

That being said, we live in the REAL WORLD where to some people a bad look from a complete stranger can ruin their entire day.

No one should be able to needle someone to the point of a panic attack but if every adult was in complete control of their own mental faculty there’d be no such thing as alcohol and Zoloft.

It’s Ok To Walk Away

In a REAL tattoo shop the canvas has more control because the canvas is PAYING for the tattoo…but that doesn’t mean that a canvas can bully an artist either.  If a canvas isn’t comfortable with an artist he/she has the right to walk out just as easily as an artist can tell a client, “I’m not the artist for you.”

Walking away does not make a client a problem or an artist any less of an artist…infact I would argue that the opposite is true.

At his exit interview James Danger said, “The judges keep saying ‘being ink master, part of that is being able to deal with problem clients’ No, it’s fucking not.  I don’t tattoo problem clients.  I think it’s ridiculous.”  …and I agree.

Someone who is willing to tattoo “anyone” is more of a money whore than an Ink Master…and someone who will try to talk a canvas out of what they want because they lack the skill to execute it (instead of referring them elsewhere) is just a bullshit artist (literally HAHA!).

Canvas Natalie is the kind of girl who will get a tattoo from some overconfident scratcher and act like it’s exactly what she wanted to preserve her ego.

Shit, I can hear her now…, “No, it’s like that on purpose!”…LOL!


All this drama with crybaby canvas overshadowed the delightful work Tatu Baby accomplished when thrown an octogenarian canvas for the elimination challenge!

Ink Master Tatu Baby old canvas phoenix

Note to self, if you get a wild hair up your ass for a crazy back tattoo at 84…call Tatu Baby!

They didn’t even air who actually “won” the challenge (although a ‘Judge’s Pick‘ is on the website)…but my pick would be Tatu Baby.  Totally redeemed herself from the gimp handed gypsy of week one in my book…lol.


22 comments on “Ink Master: JDanger vs Canvas Natalie’s 15 Minutes of Fame and Free Tattoos on Reality Shows

  1. Mike
    August 7, 2013

    Spot on.
    That was well worth the 5 minute read.

  2. Dawn Michelle
    August 8, 2013

    I watched the whole thing. TV is terrible how they try to portray Danger in a bad light. Like when they said, “Look here he stoops down like a cowering child”.

    NO! He was getting his instruments ready! He even tried to go over the entire tattoo top to bottom but as soon as he started at the head the bitch was complaining, “no.. I never said I liked that!”

    I also LOVE that he didn’t tatoo himself. I CANNOT for the life of me, understand why that judge said he should have tattooed himself. If it’s going to remind you of a bad event, an event you had no control over, why the HELL would you want to remember that!!! The judge is full of bullshit! Your body is a canvas and art is sacred, not something to just ink on yourself because it’ll make some man-bitch vote for you. Danger did the right thing. It wasn’t worth $100K to get a daily reminder of that horrible skank!

    Now if we can just get the executives to give Danger his own show. He has more talent than all of the ink masters combined.

    [At the very start of Walt Disney’s career his editor remarked, he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”]

    • MissUndercity
      August 13, 2013

      Yeah I didn’t get it either…I was pretty surprised when the judges even suggested it. The thought of it almost cheapens the entire concept of a tattoo in my eyes. Unless he always wanted a phoenix tattoo (which I’m pretty sure he didn’t) why would he do that? So he could walk around the rest of his life looking like an #inkmaster bitch? No thanks haha!

  3. James Danger Harvey
    August 8, 2013

    FROM JAMES DANGER HARVEY: I am gathering my thoughts, I will leave a rather large reply later today as it is 2 am and I’m still at my tattoo shop and DEAD TIRED, plus I should probably have someone proof read and edit my comment to keep ol Danger out of more trouble ha ha.. What truly went down and has not been shown is the biggest farce of all. And on top of the obvious set up, being called a PUNK and a BITCH on national television requires some attention on my part.. Want to see what my work truly looks like? here https://www.facebook.com/jamesdangerharvey . Thank you for writing this blog!. In my opinion rewarding someones bad behavior with notoriety and making them into a named lead character on the show is disgraceful. All set up. My time and the $4k I had to spend to make it out to the show wasted not mentioning I had to close down my Tattoo shop for the trip, another $10k….. Reality in this case is much more entertaining that INK MASTERS edited reality… oh and I have pictures of the garter that I actually tattooed, not just the 2″ of what I didn’t get to finish. I would like to add that I am a man of my word, and I paid for the garter tattoo to be finished by an artists in her area. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish her garter Tattoo, so I did what I could leaving it open so she could get it finished after the show. I put my canvas “Jewel” first, INK MASTER really tried to make me look like less of an artist than I am to justify sending me home. well I have no loop holes in my art game. take a look and you tell me what happened. – to be continued….


    • MissUndercity
      August 13, 2013

      Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting. That was pretty damn nice what you did for the garter client and your link more than vindicates your ACTUAL skill in lacework and lines. I always feel some measure of trepidation for both artist and canvas when a challenge involves a crazy short time and comments more reminiscent of Project Runway than a competition involving permanent skin art (make it work…lol). The Catch 22 between doing right by your canvas and having something to show the judges is pretty screwed up, especially considering the potential consequences with respect to one’s career after the final edit of events airs. You did the right thing, and fortunately good work speaks for its self…if anything consider it a $14K investment to get ur name out there…the winner is you! *cheers*

  4. Anonymous
    August 9, 2013

    I want to curse that bitch out something awful. She had no right doing that JDanger. I want to find her ass and do some fucking damage!!

  5. nunya
    August 15, 2013

    She was a controlling, bossy bitch. No question.

  6. growls
    August 15, 2013

    Personally I believe you did the right thing and kept your integrity. I would simply have asked to her to leave the shop.

    As has allready been stated she was determined to find fault no matter what and was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    As for the the judge stating you should tattoed yourself as a professional he should known better. All he has projected is tattoing is all about the money walking in through the door. It is common practice to drop certain clients simply because they cost more to keep as a client than they bring in as revenue.

  7. David Warangel
    August 17, 2013

    This was spot on – “There is a special brand of people out there who once they realize someone is terrified of confrontation, get off on needling them into a panic attack. When the victim finally snaps, they’re the same people who turn around and act like they have no idea what happened.” [My add: an act like mr. or ms. innocent, like they were “just being reasonable/”]

    Anyone else notice how she constantly jumps to accusations, putting James on the defensive . . such as the accusation James was yelling, which if actually happened, you think they would show James yelling and getting mad.

    I would like to see the whole exchange.

    What was shown indicates to me that this is a nightmare of a person to deal with. Right from the start, she oozes attitude, self-importance and high maintenance.

    Similarly, based on what I saw, she strikes me as the kind of person that sees the speck in everyone elses eye while missing the plank in her own.

  8. David Warangel
    August 17, 2013

    Btw, interesting choice of word by Natalie . . . not bitch but Queen Bitch. I’ve got a feeling Natalie has been called Queen Bitch before.

  9. Emily Senninger
    August 17, 2013

    Just watched this episode and I am FURIOUS. What a disgusting person, that ultimately sent James home. She had no intention of getting that tattoo from the second she walked in, she took a look at him and wanted to feel power. She should honestly feel AWFUL about it. I think the judges were irrational, as James seemed to handle it to the best of his abilities as she would’ve found any possible way to create a problem no matter what he said or did. I’m sad for people as terrible as her.

  10. Hope Marie Martin
    August 21, 2013

    I have a green fly swatter shaped like a hand, local Dollar Store, neat and cool, I am going to paste a picture of that Mega Bitch Natalie (Thanks “Drop Dead Fred”) and each time a fly is swatted I will feel a small amount of satisfaction that she is feeling just like the insect that annoys me buzzing in my ear or wherever, however (drumroll please) said fly is much less annoying than Mega Bitch Natalie, her own droning buzz is probably annoying to her, she is the Type A type of woman who looks in the mirror and says: “You deserve great things Natalie, in order to affect good things today you must piss off, pester, control, make a nervous wreck and hammer senseless and cowered over and crying at least three people today, yes, you deserve good things, so let’s get at ’em (Thank you so much DEconstruction) and make ’em feel like complete and total shit because not so deep down that is exactly what you feel like and you know what they say: ‘misery loves company!’ and you know all about good things happening to those who need it least, for you are Natalie and you… you rule the world”
    That being stated, James Danger was one of my favorites to win and in essence and honesty and integrity he did win, maybe not what he was after, but the fact remains, he did the right thing as has been the twine that binds this thread
    That being stated, the guest judge was a joke, he was almost as much a bitch as Natalie, almost, but he lacks the ability to make others feel truly worthless and belittled, but I am sure with a little help from our friend Natalie, he could improve his technique, like minds and all that jazz
    I hope they do better research in choosing their canvases based on this shameful degradation and not just go for the entertainment value alone, I know it is needed, but it’s not the show’s core, the artistry is
    And Natalie? For me to say a fly is less annoying than you are really says a whole fucking bunch lot, but being the Mega Bitch that you are, sadly, it won’t occur to you to change and also realize you purposely ruined James’ chance at being Ink Master just because you knew you could
    As Slayer says: “Hell Awaits”

  11. tara
    October 3, 2013

    So… I’m just curious that after this canvas natalie’s 15 minutes of fame in which she showed her a$$, how come I can’t find her any where. I want to know if her time was worth it? Did she ever get a tattoo? I’ve searched time and again to find something on her but I’ve come up empty handed.
    James was obviously set up to boost ratings or whatever. It worked for them I guess. That’s a shame because looking at his tattoos and paintings, he has real talent. He held true to himself which is awesome and I think ultimately earned him more respect.

  12. Anonymous
    October 8, 2013

    You bitch!! Grow the hell up.How do you mess with someones lively hood like that ? someones goals and dreams? Shows you how much of a bitch you are.

  13. Dave
    March 22, 2014

    Just watched this episode & I gotta say this entire commentary was absolutely spot on. The woman was a controlling, confrontational agitator & completely took advantage & manipulated the pressure situation the artist was in as a competitor while having nothing to lose herself. She also should never have signed on to be a human canvas if she was going to be so uncompromising- it’s a free tattoo and SHE needed to give a little too which I saw none of- quite the opposite actually, from the very beginning. This is the type of person who, when she doesn’t get her way, acts out until she either gets her way or turns the gameboard over and runs home, which is exactly what she did, and has no doubt done many times before imho…

  14. Max
    April 21, 2014

    Canvas Natalie fue una puta controladora, histérica y mal parida que sólo quiso tener su momento de fama. Sin importarle que quizá su pobre actuación, le costaba la competencia y ponía en juego la carrera del artista. Quizá en EEUU a los clientes los cuidan demasiado. Aquí en Argentina, una loca histérica me trata así y la saco a paradas del local

  15. Hockey Smurf
    June 8, 2014

    I just watched this episode (in Sweden) and I seriously wanted to punch that b….!
    She was really aggressive and I just thought “Why the F doesn’t she SHUT UP and let him cool off?!”
    Really liked this post, I got exactly what I was looking for!
    Have a great day!

    • MissUndercity
      June 9, 2014

      Sweet, I’m glad you liked it! Thank you for reading! *cheers*

  16. FunkyCr
    July 15, 2014

    I just watched this episode (I’m from Germany) and this girl really gets on my nerves. I think she didn’t even wanted a tattoo just her 5 “glorious” minutes on tv. She literally puched him to say something so she can leave.
    I would definitely let him do my next tattoo.
    And bitch i hope you suffer from the guilt what you did to him.

  17. micah mayhem
    August 12, 2014

    watched this ep and i’m disgusted , the judges pissed me off so hard by getting rid of james i dont even think i want to finish this season…. it was unfair of them to do that to him, he is the most talented artist on that show and probably would have won if he didn’t get the shit stick and get stuck with that canvas, such a shame ink master

  18. erik
    November 13, 2014

    I’m from Australia, just watched this episode on TV.
    Natalie was a bully, she keeps aggravating James and belittled him without much respect.
    The Judges lost my respect, too for not showing support to their contestant, especially the guest Judge, just burnt him. Say NO to BULLY!

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