Food Network Star: Damaris Phillips is awesome and I hope she wins

I don’t really write about this show because I feel like it’s a fake contest created to make a new cooking show look like the product of a competition instead of a cleverly staged marketing plot (haha…c’mon now).

That being said, I actually feel like the person I <3 the most has a real chance of winning this time so I’m saying something about it.

Food Network Star Damaris Phillips Smiling when she says cooking

Look at the love in this chick’s eyes when she says the word “cooking”…this shit’s legit.

Also, I get the weird feeling Alton Brown has some kind of terminal disease.  No, I’m not psychic.  I wish him the best.  Good Eats forever!!!

…while I have nothing against sandwiches I want the world to know I wanted so much for Ippy Aiona to win last season.


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