Ink Master vs Best Ink: Tattoo shows, annoying hosts and fashion vs skill…

I love tattoos, but when it comes to perfection, symmetry and straight lines, the tightness of a gnat’s asshole does not begin to describe the depths of my anal retentiveness.

Just the thought that someone who thinks kerning is the newest viral attempt to replace planking might be writing letters on another person in permanent ink makes my skin crawl…

A Word About Fashion

Is there a law that everyone in the tattoo world has to try their hardest to look like the community colouring book in the kid’s corner at the dentist’s office?

The skill of a tattoo artist is not directly proportional to the amount of tattoos the artist has or the gauge of his/her piercings (lol 2003 called…they want their bone plugs back…).  It wouldn’t be so bad if the tattoos were actually GOOD but most of these artists run around like a billboard for what looks like the work of a 15 year old in his mother’s kitchen with a mail order tattoo gun.

I’m not saying everyone needs to wear pearls and cardigans (and the ones who do are usually more annoying than the colouring books…)…I am saying that if an artist has high standards concerning their own skin I’m more likely to think they’ll respect mine.

Tattoo Shows

You know that part of summer where you get change gears from Joe Capobianco’s fucking annoying ass rockabilly hair and uniform of bowling shirts to Dave Navarro’s annoying ass split ends and effeminate sunglasses….?  It’s tattoo reality show season!!!

Ink Master Dave Navarro

“It might look like I have the department store box colour hair of a Marilyn Manson crazed 14 year old girl circa 1996 but I actually pay a shit load of money to look like I don’t give a shit…oh, and I stole my mom’s sunglasses…”

Ooo Dave Navarro is so cool because he wears an ankh and a sterling silver Ouija board pointer…dude’s not wearing sunglasses ’cause he’s a rock star…it’s to hide the crow’s feet.  No, I’m not joking.  He’s fucking 46 and still sings songs about cocaine.  I bet he’s pissed off that Eric Clapton won’t retire so he can corner the market on cocaine crooning (last alliteration, I promise…rofl).  Clapton’s fucking 68 and still sings songs about cocaine.  HA!

So what’s the difference between Best Ink and Ink Master?  Best Ink is the Tattoo Magazine show.  Ink Master is the Inked Magazine show.

That’s it.

Other than that you’ll get to see a bunch of industry veterans act like a bunch of elitist douchebags when they themselves couldn’t throw a line I’d want within 10 feet of my own skin.  Just because you’ve been doing something for 30 years doesn’t mean you’re good at it.

Death from Neil Gaimans Sandman comic book series

Dear Dave Navarro, if I tell you that you look like a male version of Neil Gaiman’s “Death” will you stop trying so hard? Just curious…

Contestant Quality Control

I really want to know how they find these people because I think instead of scouring the continent looking for the best to compete, the casting director goes on Yelp.com in a few major cities and picks people based on reviews, age, fashion sense and body mass index.

Usually each season has 2 or 3 good artists.  Everyone else is just filler and at the end they had the one that sucks least a big cardboard cheque…

So Tatu Baby got the best tattoo with this gimp handed gypsy:

Ink Master Episode 1 Best Tattoo by Tattoo Baby

Holy shit your tattoo has tattoos…tattooception!!!

I mean you would think, in an industry that prides its self on a brutal rite-of-passage type master/apprentice structure, that something as fundamental as anatomy and perspective would be required before one could move on from “apprentice” status…

Tatu Baby has good raw talent.  She just needs some guidance.

Sometimes I feel like masters nowadays hold back from their apprentices (and not just in the tattoo profession…) so that they can always be just a little bit better than their progeny…where as maybe 25 years ago something like that would have been unconscionable.

I’ve watched every tattoo reality show (when I said I watch a shit load of reality television, I meant elephants with laxative laced peanuts have nothing on me…) and for having recruited the “best” from “around the country” I’ve seen people walk away with shit spelled wrong, shit backwards and just plain shit.

Ink Master Episode 1 Eliminated Tattoo by Frank

I get the contorted look is supposed to emphasize the unbridled rage of the screaming baboon…this was the “worst” tattoo…and for the record I thought the tongue looked more like a part of female anatomy than male…HA (actually…EWW.  it’s on that dude’s chest…forever)

Seriously, one asshole contestant actually tattooed the time HE was born on HIS client!  It’s almost like these shows are a “who’s who” of walking, talking red flags and embarrassments to the industry.

They should call these shows what they are…it’s more like “MasterChef” for tattoo artists, not a best of breed competition.

My Picks for Best and Worst

Here are MY picks for best tattoos from episode 1:

Ink Master the real two best tattoos from episode 1

Cover-ups by Joshua Hibbard on left and E.S. on the right. How the HELL is the Gypsy with a flat nose better than these two tattoos (which also have issues, don’t get me wrong…)

I don’t have any favourites from episode 2’s anatomical challenge because if I was a judge I’d have sent them ALL home and re-cast the entire season.  That shit was embarrassing (take a look).  Ok the arthritis guy’s hand tattoo was good but he’s going to have to get that white touched up to maintain the look…judging by his condition that’s just a little bit fucked up (and by a little I mean a lot).  Tattooing is more than just pretty pictures, an artist has to consider what’s best for the client too…

So…who do I think should have gone home?  The bald chick with the Hello Kitty bow tattoo on her forehead, Miss Maddie.  Please.  Before she does this to any more people:

Ink Master Maddie La Belles tattoos from episodes 1 and 2

Maddie LaBelle’s bowling ball dragon/wonky castle cover up and her anatomical ribcage that looks more like a zombie shrimp cocktail with kidney beans…

To think she’s been doing this to people for FIVE YEARS is almost as criminal as the fact that she thinks she’s good.  Sure, she’s passionate…which is the perfect prerequisite for a good apprentice not a contestant on a reality show where the prize is “Ink Master”…  For once the judges are right, she is severely outclassed here.

Who is a real ink master?  Those guys on Tattoo Nightmares.  Every week they turn out some sick and impossible cover-ups.  That Jasmine chick is amazing.

10 comments on “Ink Master vs Best Ink: Tattoo shows, annoying hosts and fashion vs skill…

  1. Oh.no.Pepper
    July 25, 2013

    I have only watched Best Ink, and I watched mainly because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I certainly couldn’t believe Hannah Aitchison was on the show; I had really liked her on LA Ink, and she is a fabulous artist. I love tattoos but I have yet to be bowled over by anything that I saw on Best Ink. All of the soppy stories and metaphors ruin it for me. I used to enjoy LA Ink but there again all the “stories” just got in the way of appreciating the artwork. La Ink was so great when it had mostly ladies in the shop and they were all super talented but then they all went away, and it was all down hill from there. I love your posts MissUndercity.

    • hhjdaSagg (@hhj_121970)
      February 26, 2014

      i know (sad stories) i’m like dayum, can’t you guys skip that part just pair the skins with the artits, that schitt gets old real quick, granted it’s nice that they want to share their stores, but it is gets tiring.

  2. Zara Z.
    September 6, 2013

    I actually enjoy watching Ink Master, mostly because im a huge fan of the tattoo world. I agree that alot of the artists do not have the qualities of an Ink master, and I am a fan of Tatu Baby, she has talent just itching to improve. Also, it is sadly true how many artist nowadays are to attentive on how they look or their status. I like Dave Navarro’s style, but i can not say much else cause of the fact i don’t know much about him besides Ink master and Jane’s Addiction.
    There’s also LA ink, which use to be one of my favorite tv shows, mostly cause of season 1 where it was about the love of tattoos. But after that, the love was slowly fading and more drama occurred.

  3. Anonymous
    February 15, 2014

    shut the fuck up do u even tat…. u sound incredibly dumb go to real shop whore and get to know what the industry really like jackaSS

    • Anonymous
      April 3, 2014

      Buddy your an asshole

  4. hhjdaSagg (@hhj_121970)
    February 26, 2014

    i watch both, but i am leaning more towards Best Ink, i like the concept/style/set-up of the show (minus the skin’s stories happy or sad every week).

  5. Davianis
    July 30, 2014

    I Love Tattoo baby <3

  6. Dunno
    January 21, 2015

    Hey, I’ve been watching both shows for a while now. I do prefer Ink Masters, because the level is better and even if the judges are often acting like jerks, they really push the contestants to work harder. In Best Ink, omg… most of the tattoos are SO BAD. I don’t even get it… It’s like Best Ink’s contestants are the personal garbage of Ink Master. In the last season, there was that Lara-girl who was ALWAYS doing a mandalla-thingy on every fucking tattoo. I mean, seriously… She just drove me crazy. Also, in Best Ink, contestants are not competitive enough, they’re just whining around “I’m the best, no I am the best, why don’t you like meeeeeee”… I like the man-ish and rock n roll style of Ink Master. All the swearing and fucks, it works for me.

    • Mike Hunt
      August 18, 2015

      Are you kidding me? Theresa sharp and DJ from Best ink season 3 are a thousand times better than any contestant on either show ever! I like both shows but Best Ink overall had way better artist.

  7. Lily
    June 18, 2015

    Je préfère Best ink, même si l’émission en elle même fait moins sérieux, Ink master est devenu trop surjouer et je ne supporte pas ça, on ce demande si dans la saison 4 Ink master a était payé pour que Scott soit le gagnant et je n’était pas la seule, et la saison 5 trop de crêpage de chignon pour rien, au début j’adorée Ink master et Best ink passée au second plan mais depuis la finale de la saison 4 d’Ink master je révérais de revoir une saison de Best Ink.

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