RHOC: Brooks’ pornstar adventure, Lauri Peterson’s gossip and Vicki’s daughter Brianna should grow up!

Quick word about Tamra’s wedding dress shopping

The whole time I’m crossing my fingers saying to myself “Oh please Gretchen don’t try on a dress, oh pls Gretchen don’t try on a dress…”

She didn’t.  Whew.  After seeing her leave the house in a red coat dress and huge engagement ring (for someone ELSE’s wedding dress shopping trip) I totally expected her to be embarrass herself.

In Gretchen’s defense, she was dressed to attend a speaking engagement later in the day so she gets a pass on the “OMG LOOK AT ME” outfit.

Lauri Peterson…/sigh

To say that I wasn’t altogether optimistic about Lauri’s return to RHOC  would be putting it mildly but I thought I’d give her a couple episode head start before I started calling her out…

Here goes.

Lauri is that girl who heard a rumor about you and repeats it…she doesn’t say more than what she heard or saw but lets her audience fill in the blanks with their own imagination.  That way she can’t be called a liar.

RHOC Lauri Peterson tells Gretchen the dirt on Vicki

I saw Vicki in the same room as two other people…OMG THREESOME! lol.  Thanks a lot, bitch, that’s a visual all the bleach in the world won’t erase.  God I hate you.

She thinks this is clever (lol).  The way this woman grand stands while saying nothing at all is astounding.

If I wanted to hear rumors about people I didn’t know I’d sit at a bar in WeHo, order an overpriced margarita and pretend to play with my iPhone for an hour…  Duh.

OMG best song ever.

Anyway, I hope Lori adds more to the plot than rumors about Vicki and Brooks.  That shit already bores me.

Brooks’ pornstar adventures: My take

This girl probably went out to lunch with Brooks ONCE…being a young girl in Hollywood, in order to overstate her importance she may or may not have exaggerated to impress her friends…with unintended consequences.

…you know, like Natalie Nunn did on Bad Girls Club when she said she dated Chris Brown (who to this day says he doesn’t know who the fuck Natalie is…lol)

I’m not going to defend Brooks.  He definitely has that “10 wives in 10 different states” type vibe about him…

but you know what else?  VICKI IS AN ADULT and has a right to

  1. Pursue happiness
  2. Make mistakes
  3. Spend her money however she wants (infact I’d wager this has more to do with Brianna’s behavior than Brooks…she doesn’t like the competition)

My take on Brianna

Holding your mother hostage by withdrawing your affection and access to her grandson is NOT going to solve anything and running around acting like YOU know what’s best for her is fucking absurd.

It’s childish, annoying and quite frankly it terrifies the fuck out of me that you have a child of your own.

Take care of yourself first because I can see straight through your façade, sweetheart, and let me tell you something…deployment isn’t a magical eraser.  All the problems will still be there when he comes home.  You can call me a bitch all you want.  I’m right.

Girl, I wish you the best but you’re t minus 25 years away from being Tamra Barney.

Yes, you can quote me on that :-)


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