RHONJ: A Word About Antonia’s letter to Milania, Gia’s comments and how smart are the kids? (Really)

RHONJ Gia Guidice Milania and Antonia Gorga Cousins Best Friends

Caught in the middle. From left to right, Gia Guidice, Milania Guidice and Antonia Gorga…cousins, best friends and pawns in a dominance game between Theresa and Melissa.

Antonia Sends Milania A Letter…

Theresa: “Milania, this is for you…but they spelled your name wrong”

Milania: “Hey!  What the heck?”

See how subtle that was?

This is how you manipulate children.  You plant seeds and let them think.

Now ask Theresa this and she’ll stare you straight in the face and say, “Huh, are you crazy?  The name was spelled wrong so I said it, so what?!”

This is how you intimidate adults.  You question the normalcy of their thought process.

So…How Smart Are Kids?

Children are very smart but the very fact that they think they’re smarter than the adults around them also makes them very easy to manipulate.

(the word very is very important in the aforementioned sentence…haha I crack myself up)

Just look at Gia.  She thinks she’s manipulating her mom by telling her what she wants to hear.  Oh I can hear you now, “no…she’s just old enough to see what’s going on…Theresa can’t control that!”

Ok, I can agree with that…although Gia just sounds like she’s parroting things her parents have said on previous seasons…thinking they would have forgotten that they said them, so that when she says them they think she’s coming to the same conclusion on her own.  Oh yes, I remember being 12 years old…HA!

Theresa uses Gia to say the things that she knows she can’t if she still wants to come out of this smelling like a rose…chalking it up to, oh look how smart Gia is, she knows what’s going on!

So Sure, Gia’s Precocious but Who is Manipulating Whom?

Theresa:  “Gia’s smart, she knows I don’t give two shits about Melissa.”

Haha oh Theresa.  Yes, Gia’s smart…she knows that all she has to do is talk shit about Melissa to gain your approval (because she thinks you love Milania more…oh you didn’t think I noticed that?)…you know, like when you guys are shopping…right before trying on an age inappropriate skirt…

Gia is at that delicate stage where she’s refining her technique (she didn’t get the skirt…) testing her mother’s reaction to certain things…saving up brownie points for that time when she’s 15 and wants to date a 22 year old.  Just you wait.

The minute Gia realizes she’s the one being manipulated is the moment she starts plotting to write that book I can’t wait to read…

So…How Smart Are the “Adults”?

This season Theresa is very careful not to laugh or smile every time Gia spouts off about Melissa but do you know what else?  Theresa doesn’t tell her to stop either.  Now Theresa’s smart but not THAT smart.

She thinks if she shows no reaction that people are going to think that she’s not reinforcing the behavior or condoning it.  The part she’s forgetting is that if she were any other person on the planet this would be true…but she’s Gia’s MOTHER.

By not correcting the bad behavior she’s supporting because it’s a MOTHER’s JOB to correct their child if he/she is behaving badly.

How Absurd Is This Really?  A Real Life Analogy…

Think of it this way: You drive your daughter to school.  She’s wearing her pajamas.  When asked by the Headmaster, “How could you let your daughter wear that to school” you say, “It wasn’t me, it was her!”…do you think that’s going to fly?  Hell no!

1.  As a PARENT your child is a walking talking example of what is permitted in your household.  Period.  The fact that children are uncensored make this particularly embarrassing for people who try to live a lie.  (how else would we have found out Theresa and Joe sleep in different rooms…HA!)

2.  As a PARENT it’s your job to say, “No, go up stairs and put your clothes on!”  You’re not making your child look bad because they made a bad decision (wearing pajamas to school) you’re making YOURSELF look bad because you failed to give your child the proper guidance to make the right decision.

Back to Letter-Gate…

So after being overjoyed at receiving a letter from Antonia, Milania says that she should write Antonia back.

*****Now, given the fact that the last time Theresa and Melissa talked was over a year ago and under ugly circumstances…don’t you think any logical human who had a very (haha) real interest in patching things up would just, well, idunno…


Theresa: “You want to call her up and invite her to a play date?”

**********Right here Theresa’s making a conscious decision to risk her own child’s feelings (what if Melissa just flat out said, “No”) in order to put Melissa on the spot and potentially make her look bad.**********

Theresa: “And we could give her her birthday gift!”

Milania: “Yes!”

**********And here’s Gia, right on cue…**********

Gia: “Just like she invited us to her birthday party…”

Theresa: “Gia…”

Milania: “She didn’t?????!?!?!?!”

Omg the look on Milania’s face is tragic.  The true horror show here is that Milania is going to simmer on this and NO ONE is going to clarify ANYTHING for her.  Poor child.

———->Cue Theresa in a confessional to explain how Gia found out…which *surprise* it’s super complicated and involves Twitter.  Rofl.

Twitter is the New Canada

…you know, because Theresa can’t stop blaming it.

…nevermind the fact that Melissa lives next door…or that an adult (there’s that word again!) would have pointed out a missing invitation at a certain time of year…but a 12 year old on Twitter…

I guess the fact that Theresa is such a shitty liar makes for good tv in it’s own right…LOL!

So Who Really IS the ‘Bigger Person’

…no, not physically, come on we all know the answer to that one (which is probably the reason half this shit is happening in the first place…HA!  $20 says Melissa and Theresa would be best friends if Mel weighed 300 pounds…)

Theresa: “When it comes to Melissa, I have to be the bigger person…because really, her behaviour is not fair to the kids.  And for someone who is so into ‘thank you Jesus’ you would think she’d know that”

It seems to me that the “bigger person” would have just let her daughter write a letter back to her cousin instead of creating this whole awkward situation to begin with…



One comment on “RHONJ: A Word About Antonia’s letter to Milania, Gia’s comments and how smart are the kids? (Really)

  1. Cleo
    June 20, 2013

    Bang on, Miss Undercity. I totally agree with everything you wrote!

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