RHONJ: Theresa vs Melissa *yawn* playdate drama, mind your own damn business Caroline!

I’m sorry.  So let me get this straight.  The last time Melissa and Theresa talked was at last season’s reunion and for some reason Caroline Manzo is confused about why either one of them is reluctant to allow the other to supervise a play date.  Are you fucking serious?

RHONJ Theresa vs Melissa Gorga Reunion Shit show

Please tell me you haven’t forgotten this shit show…

Caroline…you’re so good at being the pot calling the kettle black but the second you get called out you go all medieval.  You and Vicki Gunvalson (Orange County Housewife & unrepentant hypocrite…) should have a sleepover…you know, the kind where you pillow fight with tube socks filled with master locks (just kidding…).

Everyone knows you’re moving to Hoboken to follow your boys (and because you can’t afford a condo in Manhattan…HA!)…  Quit trying to play it off.

The fact that you can’t own your shit is probably why you’re so obsessed with getting Theresa to own hers.  Ugh go away and grow up…(preferably in that order).  Please.

Oh, and take that increasingly obnoxious fake Godfather accent with you…

The Gorga/Guidice situation is beyond kitchy team building retreats and staged campfire bonding.  You fall into my arms, I’ll fall into yours we all sing stupid songs and make s’mores…fuck no.

…you’ve got Theresa’s daughter climbing up a stripper pole in the back of a limousine in front of family/friends and tv cameras saying, “I’m Melissa…I’m going on the pole.”

Re-read that again and ask yourself, if you were Melissa (or an amoeba, or a bag of skittles…) would you let your daughter run around unsupervised with these people?

RHONJ Melissa texts Theresa about a play date

I’m more interested in the blue text…that’s Theresa’s response to a text from Melissa…and Melissa’s text (grey) has no time-stamp above it. This means the convo happened in one sitting …Melissa didn’t text Theresa “out of the blue” when she was at dinner with Joe, asking to take the kids out…they were having a convo and Melissa asked to take the kids out in the middle of the convo.  Now either Theresa texts at restaurants or the convo happened earlier and the whole “receiving the text out of the blue at dinner” scene was staged…lol.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying Theresa would ever hurt Melissa’s kids…I AM saying that Theresa would use the kids to undermine Melissa.

This clearly isn’t an “adults only” argument, infact everyone in this situation, no matter their dress size, is little more than an overgrown adolescent.

I’m not on either woman’s side because they’re both wrong but I will say…

I’ve never heard an ugly peep out of Melissa’s kids about Theresa.

…and to me, that speaks louder than all the yelling and screaming.


One comment on “RHONJ: Theresa vs Melissa *yawn* playdate drama, mind your own damn business Caroline!

  1. leslie
    June 17, 2013

    Melissa wants to play the victim role and it is old. She should take a look in the mirror and see that she is doing exactly what she accused Teressa of, being a bad mother and setting a bad example in front of her children. Also, Melissa is a lies constantly. She is horrible and needs to be stopped.

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