RHOC: Gretchen’s wrath of furry, Lydia’s penises and Heather Dubrow, actress, mother, bachelorette party planner?

Heather Dubrow, actress, mother, bachelorette party planner?  No, not from the looks of it.

I’m not saying every bachelorette party has to be a cavalcade of penises, drunken debauchery and strippers but this is Tamara Barney’s bachelorette party…in MEXICO…and you took her to a restaurant at an art gallery…SERIOUSLY?

At what point does “I want to drink, I want to have fun” and “Nakid wasted” (Tamara’s words, not mine…) lead ANYONE with two brain cells to rub together to think the person speaking these words is remotely interested in SITTING DOWN for dinner…

Heather, Heather, Heather…oh darling.

Ok, you ever have one of those friends who gets you a gift that you KNOW they like but ur not that into it?

Well that’s not Heather……she crosses the line into complete and utter ridiculousness.  (like that was a surprise to anyone…HA!)

A cat in a sailor's outfit

I ran out of pictures of Heather making funny faces so here’s a cat in a sailor outfit…

Heather is the friend who gets you a gift not because she likes it, or because you like it but because she thinks it’ll impress everyone else at the party.

Heather’s not the guy who buys his wife a lawn mower for Mother’s Day…she’s the guy who buys his wife a lifesize replica of Yuyu Yang’s East West Gate for Mother’s Day…you know, so he can tell his boss about it when he goes back to work at some shitty ass mutual fund on Monday…

Shit even I’d have run off with Vicki for a little fun…and I don’t even know the bitch (which is why I’m not calling Lydia out on being a follower…I’d have done EXACTLY THE SAME THING…sometimes girls really do just want to have fun!).

Gretchen Rossi Yiffs Unintentionally…

Ok, forget about the entire episode.  Really.  No one gives a shit about your bachelorette party (sorry Tamara)…

Gretchen’s inability to enunciate prompted me to spend HOURS searching for a photo of ANGRY FURRIES CHASING A PERSON IN NORMAL STREET CLOTHING.

No, I’m not joking: “Vicki pissed off the wrong girl…and it just makes me want to unleash a wrath of furry on this bitch!”

After hearing that wouldn’t you?

RHOC Gretchen unleashes a wrath of furry on Vicki

Wrath doesn’t seem to be a typical furry trait…

Now just think about it for a second.  How freakin’ awesome would that be?  I thought for SURE some stock photo site, art or cosplay website would have SOMETHING.  Unfortunately, it does not exist.

RHONJ meets Pittsburgh furry convention and one angry looking furry

This was the angriest looking furry I could find…

I guess furries are generally well mannered beings with ridiculously over proportioned libidos.  /meh

However, the quote of the evening, without a doubt goes to Lydia McLaughlin:

RHOC Lydia McLaughlin on why she sees enough penis

“I have two boys, a dog and a husband, I see enough penises I don’t need to see a stripper!” ~Lydia McLaughlin

Keep ’em coming Lydia.  No, not that…stop it, that’s not what I meant…I mean the one liners…oh hell, well I’ve already typed it so it’s staying…HA!


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