RHOC: A word about Heather, Terry Dubrow and Hot in Cleveland (it’s a tv show)…

HOLY SHIT, Heather really IS passionate about something!  It was nice to see her light up for REALS this week (and not because she was fantasizing about chasing Alexis with her Bentley…ok the visual in my head made me laugh for 5min straight…) after she got offered a part on the tv show,  ‘Hot in Cleveland’.

On a side note, when I hear “Hot in Cleveland” many things come to mind…none of which I’m remotely interested in watching…

Anyway, I am genuinely happy for Heather.

I must confess, I think I’ve been a little hard on Heather.  At first she looked like she had a colossal stick up her ass but after a while she just seemed like another one of those women who hold themselves hostage and wind up bitter as a result…

…you know, because money is great in the short run but pretending to be someone you’re not (in Heather’s case a homemaker…lol…poor woman is so stir crazy I can literally feel her suppressing the urge to jump through the tv into my living room…) isn’t worth all the money in the world in the long run…

She buried her own creativity and ambition in favor of looking a certain part that she made up in her head…

RHOC Heather Dubrow offered Hot in Cleveland

Heather lit up with excitement explaining her ‘straight offer’ for a guest starring role on ‘Hot in Cleveland’…

I think she forgot about herself for longer than she should have.

Now that she’s got a functional outlet for her creative energy, she’ll either lighten up a bit and stop focusing on shit that really doesn’t matter…or she’ll take her show money and get a divorce.

I say divorce because it does seem like her husband, doesn’t take her seriously and for someone as self absorbed as Heather that’s one hell of a bitter pill to swallow!  The dinner segment of the last episode really changed my opinion of what’s going on with Heather.

She’s still trying too hard to impress everyone (and comes off socially awkward instead) but not because she’s delusional but because she’s dying for someone to tell her that she’s good at something…

RHOC Heather Dubrow serious face

I wonder if I’m the only one who wants to hear her yell, “No wire hangers!” just once…actually I don’t I just couldn’t think of something clever to put here but I needed another picture to break up all the text HA!

The lack of validation from Terry drives her crazy so she latches onto anything and everything, no matter how minimal, to try to make a point.  *ehem* Onion rings

It’s like she’s screaming at the top of her lungs:


and he’s saying:

———->”Of course you are darling, you’re the smartest person I know, now here’s another Chanel necklace, would you mind changing the baby I’ve got real work to do!”

I can’t believe she didn’t bitch-slap Terry at dinner! 

He managed to insult her intelligence, undermine her authority and dismiss her importance to the household within the same 30 seconds…in public…in front of the kids…and then apologize and act like it was a joke. 

He could teach Kenya Moore a lesson or two in throwing shade!  He’s like a shade ninja!

After watching that dinner something clicked about Heather.  She needs therapy not because she’s neurotic (HA!) but because she’s chasing validation (from her husband, society, friends, everyone!) and hasn’t quite yet discovered that the only validation that matters comes from within.

Worst Tattoos steve buscemi oc by MissUndercity


Bat Shit Crazy on Alexis…

In all this I think I’ve figured out why she goes bat shit crazy on Alexis.

She knows Alexis is playing the same game she is…and Alexis refuses to admit it.  This whips Heather into a frothy frappe (omg cappuccino would be so good right now…) because Heather also thinks she does a better job of playing the part than Alexis…but people still believe Alexis…so Heather’s made it her personal mission to expose Alexis.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying Alexis is bad, I’m saying that maybe, just maybe (and by maybe I mean abso-fucking-lutely!) Alexis is holding herself hostage the same way Heather has for the past 15 (or whatever) years.  Heather sees through it because she lives it…and the fact that others can’t drives her crazy.

Anyway, about my little shade ninja…

Terry’s either:

  1. cheating and is trying to push Heather off the edge so that SHE files for divorce
  2. a funny guy who wants his wife and best friend to take the stick out of her ass, stop trying so hard and chill the fuck out…HA!

I hope it’s the second one…


4 comments on “RHOC: A word about Heather, Terry Dubrow and Hot in Cleveland (it’s a tv show)…

  1. on no pepper
    May 10, 2013

    Well done. I think you are right about Heather needing validation and Terry being completely oblivious to her and what she brings to the family and his life. When I was watching the dinner scene I was like “whoa chill out Heather” but then I thought she probably puts up with his poking and joking all the time and yeah that would get old. The other thing I noticed was that she has really well behaved kids, and I say “she has well behaved kids” because Terry doesn’t seem actively interested in them. And also spot on regarding Alexis and the Heather dynamic, they are really peas in a pod when it comes to repressed housewives.

  2. cinamac
    May 12, 2013

    I saw the Hot in Cleveland episode with Heather Dubrow. Unfortunately, she probably will not be getting validation through her ability to act…she was horrible! I would stick with the handsome, funny, wealthy plastic surgeon!

  3. Cleo
    May 13, 2013

    I think Terry’s number 2…I personally couldn’t stand the way she was treating him and talking to him. He doesn’t get it and she needs to explain it to him…HOWEVER she seemed to want a bloody award for all the sacrifices she’s made to be a housewife and mother. Heather, if it’s not what you wanted out of life, you shouldn’t have made the choices you did. That’s on her.

  4. Heather Again
    May 31, 2013

    Handsome, funny??? What show are watching cinamac. By the grace of God (and Heather), their kids are cute. He’s extremely passive aggressive and has a mean streak a mile long. It’s terrible the way he treats Heather (and I don’t like her either) in front of their children. Poor, poor, poor parenting. It was especially sad seeing how disappointed their son is in them. I can’t stand the way Terry pushes Heather to go back to work or to take whatever ……….. yet …………. he’s the one who shoved her into the housewife role. Now she’s stuck with a hateful boss. I’m so glad I didn’t take that route. Must always stay independent so as not to be stuck in such a rotten marriage. Do they just go to Temple on special occasions? That’s so fake too. No wonder the rest of Temple goers looked so annoyed at them. I’m not sure who else would want Heather though. And nobody would want Terry except for a purse. They are both too Type A. They each need somebody nicer, less ambitious and a lot more laid back to counter their craziness.

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