RHOC: Tamara and Gretchen and catty Alexis drama!

Oh sweet catty drama where have you been!

After the train wreck that was RHOV I almost forgot what you felt like…

LOL Tamara no one knows how to ruin THEIR OWN party quite like you!  I really hope you get to watch the whole episode and see yourself…

Real Housewive Tamara Barney puts her fingers in her ears and makes noises to avoid hearing Alexis' response

Grown women acting like adolescents…yes, this is why I watch the Real Housewives!

Alexis came bearing gifts, compliments, thanks for the invitation and a neutral attitude.  What possessed you to attack her in the middle of her thanking you for letting her be there?

Oh for fuck’s sakes Tamara…don’t you ever get the feeling that…well…idunno…YOU WOULD BE 100 TIMES HAPPIER (ignore that your current baseline is zero…you get my point) if you spent half as much time as you do worrying about everyone else ON YOURSELF!


You hate on everyone…(except Lydia, I think she’s going to kiss Lydia’s ass lol)

First Gretchen, now Alexis…ugh it’s just so boring, especially after watching Jody for the past couple of months.  Why can’t you just chill out and have fun?  No, that doesn’t mean the Claman car wreck is something to aspire to, it means I’m bored.  Claman-tier-crazy is nothing to aspire to…hopefully Canada’s been able to quarantine that shit…seriously.

RHOC Tamara chill out and work on yourself!

Tamara, darling, please…did anyone ever tell you how powerful you could be if you focused all that energy you waste on *insert cuter younger girl here* …on your own fabulousness?

Ok, I honestly don’t know why everyone’s so worked up about Alexis.

I feel like I missed something because they hate on her for being rich?  Pretending to be richer than she is?  Not acting like them?

I’m really pretty confused…isn’t this the Real Housewives?  I thought everyone was supposed to be rich (HA ok that’s open to interpretation I guess)…and ostentatious…and at least a little bit overspendy…

Waaaaaaaait a minute.  She’s still married.  HA!  Maybe they were rooting for Alexis and Jim to be the next Real Housewives divorce…

I can see Gretchen feeling threatened by Alexis’ dress line (’cause Gretchen sells purses on tv or something lol)…and Tamara feeling threatened by her waistline…and Heather threatened by the fact that Alexis’ children might vie for airtime with hers (which might not be such a bad idea honestly…)

Vicki will be playing the part of Mauricio this season…(kissing the ass of a potential client at the expense of a friendship).  Karma’s got her in the form of Brooks and her equally awful son-in-law.  To hear him talk during the preview for the next episode almost sent chills up my spine, all that…’I’m the man of the house now…he [Brooks] isn’t setting foot in here…’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there’s something, can’t quite put my finger on it yet…but there’s something a little off about that kid.

Tamara, you are really unhappy.  It’s very sad.  Please stop lying to yourself.

The funny thing is that I don’t really see where Alexis has been fake at all about where she comes from or that she married her money…and maybe this is what makes Heather so uncomfortable.  Oh yes, that is exactly what it sounded like.  HA!

The greatest thing about these women is that they’ve got more money than finishing (infact they’ve none whatsoever) so they just go at each other like a bunch of cats!

About the ring

…I don’t see the big deal.  I know a lot of people who don’t travel with their actual jewellery…it doesn’t make them fake, it makes them smart.  The fact that the other women didn’t understand this pretty much showed me how worldly they really are.

As far as I’m concerned this show is about as sophisticated as an overpriced trailer park.  At least the Real Housewives of New York or Beverly Hills are ignorant because they’re ridiculously out of touch…these women are just ignorant.

On another note…I had totally planned on making one of my photoshop split-frames of Heather and the ‘Other Mother’ from Coraline…

RHOC Heather Dubrow looks like Other Mother from Coraline

…I was just about to photoshop this when I figured hey, why not google it I can’t be the only one to have seen this…and guess what! I wasn’t!!!

but I didn’t have to because my friends at Cheezburger were thinking the SAME THING!!!!

One comment on “RHOC: Tamara and Gretchen and catty Alexis drama!

  1. Cleo
    May 3, 2013

    I don’t see the big deal about Alexis either. Yeah, she did the exact same thing to Vicki that she complains about the other ladies doing to her in Costa Rica. I can see how that’s irksome. But the level of the hate just doesn’t really make sense. Alexis is a dimwit but she’s the prettiest of them all. Maybe that’s it.

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