RHOA: Atlanta Real Housewives plentiful posteriors…

OMG OMG OMG Kim Zolciak is going to appear on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion and she looks bomb after losing all that pregnancy weight!  Awesome!

…while it’s common knowledge that Kim and Nene Leakes have long since made up and returned to BFF-ville…I really hope, for everyone’s sake, that NeNe has taken some anger management courses.

…you’re a grown ass woman, controll your damn self.  That means NOT strangling people when the piss you off/disagree with you.  Seriously.  How you goin’ to live your life like the Jerry Springer show…

Anyway I’m in a jovial mood, (and by jovial I mean drunk*…) so here’s some pictures paying homage to the amazing real asswives of Atlanta…

andy cohen loves a donkey booty coco and phaedra

OMG that end table, the gold greek/chinese key lookin’ round thing…so cute, I must have one!!!

Really, it’s almost mistifying to me how truly peachy Atlanta really is…

RHOA Phaedra Donkey Booty Strut

Call me crazy but I could probably watch this gif all day…lol!

Ok, so there’s controversy surrounding the authenticity of Miss Kenya Moore’s derriere…

…but until I have conclusive proof that she’s got a store bought booty I’m taking rumorville with a grain of salt…

RHOA Kenya Moore cover of Smooth

Former Miss USA Kenya Moore’s ample assets as displayed on the cover of Smooth Magazine

Ok if you compare her Miss USA booty to the Smooth Magazine booty it looks like Kenya might have had some work done…although I’d argue that said “work” is more likely photoshop than “fix-a-flat” (haha).

Kenya, people who call you crazy are either trying to piss you off or not clever enough to see that you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

On to some Kandi…

RHOA Kandi Buress amazing booty

Kandi lookin’ hot in some hot pants! (thank gawd she spells night with the letter “n”…HA!)

Everyone gives Kandi a bit of shit for being thick but hot damn she looks good!

…but (no pun intended) at the end (haha double down on that no pun intended thing) of the day I’m going to say that Phaedra’s Anguilla booty takes the cake…

RHOA Phaedra's booty in Anguilla

“Talk all the shit in the world…this booty is home grown!”

…Donktabulous indeed!

*And this, kids, is why you don’t drink and blog…HA!


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