RHOBH: Dear Kyle Richards, grow up, put Faye Resnick away and do your own dirty work!

Kyle is obnoxious, childish and does a pretty good job of hiding her responsibility when it comes to manipulating people and stirring the pot.  Kyle will only defend someone when it serves her.

When Brandi went after Kim, Kyle supported her sister for ONE EPISODE before cozying up to Brandi and effectively alienating Kim.

RHOBH Kyle Richards acting crazy

OMG Kyle, I’d like you 100 times more if you stopped being so down on your sister and OWNED your shit…all this manipulative sneaking around must be exhausting!

Kyle used Faye to go after Camille Grammar…so Kelsey wouldn’t retaliate by choosing a different real estate agent.

Kyle used Faye to go after Brandi…so that Adrienne would think she was on her side and Lisa wouldn’t feel betrayed.

…because let’s face it, both Adrienne and Lisa are a worth a whole lot as friends when it comes to real estate commissions.

Mauricio may have already sold Lisa’s house but Lisa’s got a LOT of friends with very big houses in Beverly Hills…

RHOBH Mauricio and Paul dont know how to drink scotch

People with more money than sophistication, who feign worldliness, annoy the fuck out of me. Proudly proclaiming, “it’s a single barrel!” Mauricio serves scotch on ice and tries to look like he knows a thing or two about it…SHUT UP YOU PEASANT!

Every time Kyle is jealous of someone but can’t come right out and be the bitch on camera she dusts off Faye Resnick, gives her 75 cents for a truckstop shower and drags her to a party as a +1 because no one in their right mind would actually put that battle axe on their guest list.

Now that Lisa’s let Kyle know their friendship has changed (Beverly Hills talk for “I caught u in the act of being shady”)…

Kyle will try to single white female her way into Lisa Vanderpump’s role as ‘matriarch’ on the show…

RHOBH Kyle fights for attention at Yolandas party

Watch out Lisa, Kyle’s coming after you…through Faye Resnick of course… next!

“Life in Beverly Hills is a game… and I make the rules” Lisa’s Season 2 intro quote

“I’m born and raised in Beverly Hills. This is my town.” Kyle’s Season 3 intro quote…

…Oooo I can smell the tension and hidden aggression…(and it kind of smells like teen spirit, ’cause, u kno, all this shit IS SO FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL!)

Everyone who threatens Kyle’s bid for the center of attention winds up on the recieving end of Faye Resnick’s spoonfed bullshit.

Really, you aren’t even smart enough to buy a thesaurus and find different words to convey the message Kyle’s given you instead of regurgitating it word for word…(Chess, anyone?!)

Shut up Faye and mind your own business.

The only reason you’re not a broke ass cocaine and valium addicted gold digger/manicurist (I wish I was making this up) without a house or car is because you sold a smut book in 1994 talking about the murdered Nicole Brown-Simpson’s boob job, drug habit and lovers during the OJ Simpson Trial:

Faye Resnicks 1994 smut book about Nicole Brown Simpson

This book is neither a diary nor private. I bet if Nicole Simpson were alive to defend herself she’d sue Faye for slander. P.S. co-author Mike Walker was a writer for the National Enquirer…lol

Faye, you are so damn boring, why don’t you follow Adrienne back to Las Vegas and score some cocaine at the Palms.

If it weren’t for your friendship with Kyle you’d probably have no clients.  Haha, I wonder if the player isn’t getting played.  Hmmm.


Kyle is jealous of Kim but Kim’s her sister so it just looks like sibling rivalry.

All Kyle has on Kim is lucidity and what looks like a thinly disguised sham of a marriage to me.

RHOBH Kim Kyle and Mauricio at the airport

Hahahahaha omg I had no idea Kyle was so fucking short! She’s like a little pocket housewife, how cute! I want one so bad!!!!!!!!

Part of me thinks the only reason she stays with Mauricio is because she gets personal satisfaction from making it look like she has something Kim doesn’t.

There’s just something about those two…that smells about as legitimate as Ramona and Mario Singer…(lol)

******Moving on******(still laughing)

Kyle also does a very good job of witholding acknowldgement from Kim and now that Kim is sober she calls Kyle out on it.

Part of recovery is acknowledging that while you may have changed, everyone else around you, who tried to make you believe their behaviour towards you was caused by YOUR DRINKING, was probably lying and is probably still an asshole.  Sorry.

RHOBH Kim sneaks a peek as her daughter leaves for prom

Kim is the most adorable person ever!

Kyle still pretends not to understand why her sister is upset and does a very good job of feigning ignorance while tiptoeing around the ONE thing Kim needs from her:

Kim: “Just do me a favour, acknowledge it.”

Kyle: “I’ve acknowledged it plenty of times”

even Yolanda steps up and says,

Yolanda: “Just acknowledge what she’s saying.”

to which Kyle responds, “I did.”

REALLY, ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING? Kyle, would it have cut your leg off to say, “I’m sorry, I acknowledge it…”

I can’t watch Kyle get off on this shit anymore.  Kim is awesome and Kyle is the shorter, chunkier little sister who still hasn’t quite recovered from the fact that her older sister was a child star.

It was very evident to me at David and Yolanda Foster’s dinner party that there’s something deeper going on here…David was very warm towards Kim but almost snubbed Kyle at the beginning…and totally ignored her (despite her 100 pathetic attempts to be the center of attention) all night.

RHOBH Kyle pretends she didnt know what a grammy looks like

Kyle pretending she didn’t know what a Grammy looks like so that she could have some camera time talking to David Foster…I wish I was joking.

…and while Yolanda is richer, taller, more beautiful, sophisticated and intelligent than Kyle, Kyle knows better than to touch Yolanda with a ten foot pole.

Infact Kyle did a pretty good job of avoiding Yolanda all season…except for that dinner party…lol!

Singing at David Foster’s house?  Seriously?  What the FUCK was that?  Did you honestly think you were going to start singing, “Amazing Grace” and he was going to be like, “OMG Kyle I had no idea you had such an AMAZING voice!”  Actually, that’s EXACTLY what she thought was going to happen.  Instead he shooshed her.  Awesome.

Get some therapy and grow the fuck up.  Seriously.

…and if they make that Faye lady a housewife I’m out.  Although prolly fail the backround check (lol) and be forced to pretend she never wanted to be a housewife anyway…(like Marlo…ha).

While it’s fun to watch grown women act like children, Faye’s that kid on the playground who will throw a rock in a mudfight.  No, thank you.

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