Project Runway Teams Edition…or as I call it, Project Runway’s Troll Season…haha

I’m going to be honest, I almost skipped this season altogether because as soon as I saw Laura Kathleen parading around as a hostess or casting panel judge or whatever on that pre-season episode (whatever the hell they call that shit lol) I was like wait, wtf?!?!?


I mean I know reality television loves it’s blonde rich girls but come on.  This girl was eliminated from her ORIGINAL season for a “questionable taste level” and then brought back to All Stars.

Miss Laura Kathleen must have some bomb ass connections or one hell of a nonexistent gag reflex…haha kidding…

Sure, people can change, designers can mature so I gave her a chance until she sent this shit show down the runway:

Laura Kathleen on Project Runway shows her questionable taste level

Just what in the fancy fuck am I looking at here? A lampshade on acid?

Laura Kathleen is a prime example of one of those young women who confuse price point with taste.  Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s worth the price or shouldn’t be burned and forgotten…

Anyway, words can not describe my impression of the current season of Project Runway so I had to make a picture:

Project Runway heidi and tim trollface

No explanation needed here.

…can this show please be about real fashion design again?  Pretty please?

I’m SO fucking TIRED of seeing the SAME DAMN shift/cocktail/empire/princess/wannabe vintage/hipster GARBAGE…all the fucking time with the cropped waist shirt, high waisted skirts, low back flowey boho bullshit to boot.  SHIT!

Knock it off already and show me something REAL that I couldn’t make MYSELF with a FUCKING Kenmore after a FIFTH of Jack Daniels…(ok maybe not a WHOLE fifth…but you get my point)

DO you know how TIRED I AM of seeing how many of your so called “designers” can’t SEW A FUCKING ZIPPER or a hem (if I see ONE MORE STRAIGHT STICHED HEM I’m GOING TO BLOW CHUNKS!!!!) let alone DRAFT A PROPER FUCKING DART INTO A BODICE SLOPER?!?!?!?!

Yeah, I know, it’s a design competition not a seamstress competition but correct me if I’m wrong…aren’t construction and pattern drafting pretty fucking fundamental to a traditional degree in fashion design?

Looks to me like most constestants are more pedigree than skill (whether the former is the school or their connections is inconsequential…as the result is the same…shitty clothes, boredom and utterly shocking disappointment…although it’s not so shocking anymore as this has been the trend for quite some time now…)

My top three/four prediction (in no order):

  1. Patricia Michaels (not because she’s a good designer but because she’s First Nations/Native American Indian…and that’s a Project Runway first.  What?  You’re surprized that a reality show isn’t above publicity stunts?  Come on!) She’s a textile designer not a fashion designer and her ego is tiresome.
  2. Michelle Lesniak Franklin…normally I hate the hipster/wannabe steam-punk asshole from Portland or Seattle (rofl) but this chick has the skill to back up her dumb ass tattoos and shitty attitude so I’m ok with it.
  3. Stanley Hudson…no gimmick, no drama, he’s just a solid fucking designer, maaaaad chic and amazing regarding construction and design.  He REALLY knows what he’s doing.
  4. Layana Aguilar…her ego is annoying, she’s got an ok aesthetic but really her ego, self confidence and cute accent have gotten her further than anything else.

A word about Layana vs Daniel Esquivel…Miss Layana cried and felt “betrayed” by Daniel because he said he should have won for his design in the Guggenheim challenge.

She said that the input in his outfit was half hers…were it not for her Daniel would have designed something dated and dowdy (which, ironically, is exactly what she sent down the runway…)

I’m throwing down a big fat RED BULLSHIT FLAG on this one…

The judges loved Daniel’s hot black leather jacket…which, coincidentally enough, was the exact same jacket (with some added shoulder detail) he made the week before in HOT PINK and dismantled after Tim’s critique:

Project Runway Teams Daniel Michelle and Tim Gunn

After Tim’s critique, Daniel rips apart the cute pink blazer and turns it into an awful cocktail dress…lol

Maybe Layana had some input on Daniel’s skirt…but to sit there in the greenroom after judging and insinuate that she was somehow as equally responsible for Daniel’s outfit as he, was a complete fallacy.

Looks to me like Layana was just mad because Daniel wanted to do the art piece and she steamrolled him to do it herself…and she bit off more than she could chew.  Get over it:

Project Runway Teams Daniel and Layana

Daniel won with his design while Layana got lambasted for her “Eliza Doolittle” looking art piece…

Ok, back to predictions…

…the true competition here is between Michelle and Stanley.  If they do the whole “top 4 but only 3 get to show” thing it’ll be between Patricia and Layana for third place…and Patricia will win the spot to show at fashion week.

While I love Daniel, they’ve already set him up to appear dated…and everyone knows a Southern Gentleman never wins Project Runway…(just sayin’) maybe this season will prove me wrong (but I doubt it).  He’s the next one to go.

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