RHOA: Cordell Stewart files for divorce from Porsha Williams Stewart

Good. I can’t be the only one who thought Cordell only married her so that he could have a free nanny for his baby mama’s baby (little cutie pie named Syre Richardson)…oh and so people would stop saying he’s gay.

(in the late 90’s he was allegedly caught giving a blow job in Schenley Park (Pittsburgh, PA) and having sex w/a guy in a parked car some rumors say he was arrested for the aforementioned acts…but I’ve yet to see proof.)

After knocking up Tania Richardson (who briefly appeared on RHOA as ‘Sheree’s friend’ in a past season…) didn’t work, Kordell had to do something a little more drastic to ‘prove’ he loves the pussy…

In 2011 Kordell married Porsha on an episode of WE’s Platinum Weddings:

RHOA Kordell and Porsha wedding photo

They really do look in love in this photo…(see below for link to source)

For more photos from the gorgeous wedding (including the one above) see celebrity wedding designer/planner Tiffany Nieves-Cook’s Pinterest.

Here’s my take:

Baby mama, Tania Richardson is a shrewd businesswoman. She’s a business owner (Beauty Fetish Salon) and corporate executive (marketing coordinator at Liberty House Restaurant Corporation). She’s also Sheree Whitfield’s friend (and appeared with her on RHOA a few times) and has just about NO time to raise a toddler.

Kordell and Tania probably have a very solid platonic relationship.

Tania agreed to have a kid with Kordell (if he took responsibility for it), to take the gay rumors off him so he could officially retire from the NFL (after like 7 years of benchtime rofl) and settle into some *insert typical retired pro-ball player radio commentary/analyst gig here*.

Kordell decided to kill two birds with one stone, in his mind being married to a girl would kill gay rumors for good…and dating someone for a long time before marriage would be the perfect vetting process for little Syre’s nanny.

When Kordell met Porsha in 2009 at the Lucky Lounge (Nightclub in Atlanta), he had no idea she was the granddaughter of Hosea Williams and a prominent philanthropist in Atlanta Society (Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless)…he thought he was picking up a random young hot chick at a club.

It was very obvious on the show that Kordell didn’t see Porsha as a partner, and acted more like an emotionally unavailable wannabe Yoda than a husband…

I’ll wager that by the time he found out who she was he’d already gone on camera proclaiming his love and all that shit so it was a little late to just break up with her and find another hot chick.

Maybe Kordell hoped Porsha would have a child so that little Syre would have someone to play with.

When that didn’t work Kordell just worked overtime pushing Porsha into nanny-mode anyway, imprisoning her in that rediculous mansion by witholding affection for obedience.

Now I understand why Porsha wanted a nanny…there was a whole other kid that Kordell refused to allow on camera!

KORDELL JUST WANTED HER TO GIVE UP HER LIFE AND RAISE HIS BABY MAMA’S KID…he really didn’t give a shit if Porsha got pregnant! What a dick.

I think Porsha was adamant that if she was giving up her life, business and career to play wifey mom to someone else’s kid, that she wanted a child of her own too.

Porsha wanted to save the marriage and Kordell feigned interest in counseling long enough to distract her and beat her to the courthouse.  Oh, did I mention there’s no prenup?

She sold her business and put her career on hold to raise SOMEONE ELSE’S KID just to find out about her OWN divorce on THE INTERNET?!?!  WTF!

Sure, she’s got her own money but I think alimony should be punitive at this point, the courts need to send a message that this shit is fucked up and won’t be tolerated.

Seriously, I think Kordell Stewart is the only man on earth who WANTS people to believe he cheated on his wife and is rebounding to his baby mama.

I’m not buying it…although part of me hopes he really is straight so that he can’t sell his story of persecution in the NFL 10 years from now when his agent decides it’s “ok” for him to come out of the closet…

It’s a match made in heaven…Kordell needs a woman and Tania wants to be a Real Housewife…rofl.

Just u wait, if he marries Tania Richardson YOU BET YOUR ASS he’s hiring a nanny.


To any other impressionable young woman the lure of the status, wealth and fame of being Kordell Stewart’s wife on paper and the red carpet might have been enough compensation for this arrangement. Kordell underestimated Porsha.

He probably fessed up to her and she refused to live a lie.  I really hope Porsha understands how lucky she is.

Cordell didn’t want a wife, he wanted a lifestyle legitimizer and a free nanny for his baby mama.


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