Laura Leigh on The Client List: LouBou Bump!!!

I’m not one for drama shows…well except for that one with the alcoholic vampires (…you know the one…lol)

…and that other one with the fairy waitress and assorted vampires…

…and maybe that one with that bitch king (haha) and that blonde lady who has dragons and that red-headed priestess who wears nothing under her robe and gets her way by taking it off…(like…ALL THE FUCKING TIME…bitch, aren’t u cold?  no, wait, ur a priestess of the fire god or some shit, nevermind…).

Anyway…I have to say, I didn’t watch Season 1 of The Client List and I really don’t care about the show.  I’m just not that into drama where normal people wear normal clothes.  Seriously…

Here’s the T: Laura Leigh doesn’t appear ’till episode 2 of season 2 (even though she’s included in the credits for episode 1 of season 2)…so if ur as drama-phobic as I am it’s perfectly safe to start there if ur only watching for Laura-Leigh…

The Client List Laura Leigh and Jennifer Love Hewitt Loubou bump

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Riley Parks and Laura Leigh Moser as Nikki Shannon share a moment on The Client List

Oh, and…yes, I know Nene Leakes, from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, is on a show called The New Normal…where she acts like a scripted version of herself.  Awesome.

Seriously, grats girl, but that’s 100% different from watching a Juilliard trained actress (like Laura Leigh) practice her craft after being dragged through the mud as the rebound girlfriend of a total douchebag on a reality show that happened to be filming where she worked…just saying.


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