RHOV: Mary and Ronnie’s friendship… and Amanda ‘Lemmiwinks’ Hansen attacks Mary

First they make up, then they break up, when the girls are around Ronnie is team Jody but when she’s alone with Mary she sings a different song.

Really Ronnie keeps saying Mary owes her an apology but I honestly have no idea what she’s talking about.

Ronnie hurt Mary:

  1. Called Mary’s family telling them Mary was crazy.
  2. Outed on national television that Mary’s first marriage (later annuled) wasn’t to the father of her children.

Mary hurt Ronnie:

  1. Didn’t visit Ronnie’s daughter in the hospital.
  2. ….idk else did she do to Ronnie?  Refuse to kiss her ass?  Help me out, I’m confused here.

After a decades long friendship they’re going to know secrets about each other.  I wouldn’t put it past Jody or one of her minions to get Ronnie drunk and pump her for information.

It’s almost like Ronnie wants Mary to be her “secret friend”…

RHOV Mary and Ronnie best friends crying

Ronnie and Mary share a good cry and make up. Spoiler alert, about 4 hours later Ronnie pretends this never happened and throws Mary under the bus…behind her back (ofcourse).

This shit’s so high school.  Ronnie keeps hurting Mary to please Jody knowing Mary will always forgive her because they’ve been friends for like 30 years.

It’s so obvious Ronnie wants to be BFF with Mary but for some reason she’s so deeply invested in making sure Jody doesn’t think so!

I don’t know about you but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it looks like a little bit of blackmail might be involved…or another rich, controlling  husband (what? on the Real Housewives? NEVER!!!!)…or both.

Somewhere along the line I get the impression Ronnie got in over her head and she’s afraid of something.

I’m not sure what Jody knows about Ronnie and/or her husband, Russell, but I’m willing to wager it isn’t Kosher (I lol’d).

It looks like Jody only wants to be friends with Ronnie because Ronnie’s rich and well connected.  Two things Jody wishes she was (instead of just playing the part…).

RHOV Ronnie gesticulating at Amanda and Ioulia

Ronnie trying to act intense while telling a less than lucid version of the story of Maximus, based more on a Russel Crowe movie than actual history…

We all know that this show would be more fun if someone left.

Jody doesn’t want Mary on the show because she’s afraid Mary will spill the beans about all of Jody’s secrets.

…but Mary insists she’s too much of a lady to spill what she knows about Jody.


Jody’s after you with poison tipped darts strapped to fire breathing piranhas trying to single white female your best friend away, ruin your career and ice you off the show…and you’re going to just lay there and cry “poor me, look at how awful Jody is”

RHOV Mary Zilbas tears are real

…just in case someone tries to claim Mary wasn’t crying real tears during her lunch with Ronnie…*rollseyes*

KNOCK IT OFF and RISE ABOVE IT.  Not ‘rise above it’ as in run away like a scared dog every time Jody walks into the room with a rolled up newspaper…’rise above it’ as in IGNORE THE FUCK OUT OF THE COW AND REMAIN FABULOUS every time Jody walks into the room.

I get it, you just want ONE loyal friend who will HAVE YOUR BACK…well no one’s going to do that if you don’t have your own back first.

Mary Zilba needs to attend the Ioulia Reyonalds school of Not-Giving-a-Shit-and-Remaining-Fabulous-in-a-Room-Full-of-Haters…like NOW…or better yet YESTERDAY…!

RHOV Amanda attacks Mary at dinner

Amanda ‘Lemmiwinks’ Hansen no longer needs the training wheels of Jody’s presence, here she attacks Mary Zilba in public, all by her self (while Ronnie sits there like a wet noodle…lol).

Remove Jody and everyone will get along.  Remove Mary and everyone will get along.

Honestly I’d rather watch people who really ARE living the lifestyle…

not someone pretending to.  *ehem* miss caterer turned social climber and your deadbeat adult daughter…you don’t fool me for a moment…(tell me again, where did you go to culinary school?).

I say fire Jody and that Lemmiwinks Amanda (who crawled so far up Jody’s ass this week she could have come out her mouth…)

RHOV Amanda Lemmiwinks calls her master Jody Claman

Robin walked out with Mary, Ronnie walked out with Ioulia…Amanda ‘Lemmiwinks’ Hansen, alone at the dinner table, calls her master *ehem* Jody Claman…lol.

…and bring back Reiko MacKenzie (first lesbian Real Housewive? FUCK YES PLEASE!) and Christina Kiesel!  Can you imagine Christina and Ioulia partying together!!!!!

RHOV Amanda Lemmiwinks Hansen scurries deeper up Jody Clamans ass

No! Amanda! Bad Lemmiwinks, you’re going the wrong way…omg, this is terrible, I’m not sure how you’re going to escape now!

I’m not sure it’s possible for Amanda to crawl any further up Jody Claman’s ass…but I fully expect her to surprize me next week when she does.  Grats, you’re once again the most boring Real Housewife of Vancouver.  Damnit, I believed in you.


3 comments on “RHOV: Mary and Ronnie’s friendship… and Amanda ‘Lemmiwinks’ Hansen attacks Mary

  1. Cleo
    April 5, 2013

    I’m glad I found your blog…I can’t stand Jody! I wish they’d give her the boot. Any other Housewives franchise would have, after all the lawsuits she’s attempted to hand out. And it makes sense that Jody has something on Ronnie, that explains her complete about-face at the reunion show. Ronnie is the worst friend ever.

    • MissUndercity
      April 6, 2013

      Sweet, thank you for reading! Jody doesn’t fool me one bit. The first person she went to high school/grew up with who writes a book (that doesn’t kiss her ass…) will be an instant millionaire (and should be cast on the show HAHA, now THAT would be good tv!). The truth always comes out…and if I stop posting after it does it’s because I’ve died of laughter!

  2. Angiebaby66
    April 11, 2013

    Interesting finale after reading your article about Jody having something on Ronnie. When she was having her Piece of Shit tirade she was screaming that Mary had something on Ronnie. A not so subtle hint from Jody to remind Ronnie that she has the goods on her?
    Mary is too much of a lady to spill the beans methinks.
    If it was me, I’d be on the phone to the highest bidder lol

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