RHOA: Walter trolls Kenya Moore and Greg rides a broom around Nene’s pool

I really miss writing about this show but NOTHING IS GOING ON!

The ‘girl’s trip’ to Los Angeles was boring and amounted to watching 45 minutes worth of complaining…the trip to Las Vegas wasn’t much better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bit of complaining but the hot-sweaty-tired-hungry-feet-hurt kind of complaining made me feel like I was watching “The Real Adolescent Waitresses of Los Angeles” (Oh, wait, don’t they call THAT show Vanderpump Rules?) not the Real Housewives.

Walter is still trolling the fuck out of Kenya and the latter is taking it like a 15 year old girl.  I’m not sure if she’s really bothered or playing bothered to guilt trip everyone into ignoring him.  Five Gs.  Please.

As obnoxious as Kenya is no one deserves to feel THAT uncomfortable all the time.  It’s almost hard to watch.

One of two things is going on here:

RHOA Kenya Moore immitates a vibrator

Well we know one thing that isn’t going on…”BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”

Theory #1:  I don’t see Kenya feeling physically uncomfortable because Walter’s in the room…I see Kenya getting pissed off because her attempts to ice Walter out have failed.  Kenya wants Walter iced out because he has a lot of ammunition he could use against her…and she’s afraid that he’s going to do it during filming.

          Kenya’s Plan: “I’m going to act super hurt and betrayed so that everyone feels bad for me and doesn’t invite Walter to stuff anymore.”

          What really happened: “Kenya looks super hurt and betrayed by this guy…buuuuuuuut Kenya’s been a fake ass shade throwing bitch to everyone and this dude makes her feel uncomfortable.  You bet your ass he’s got a GOLDEN INVITATION to EVERYTHING!”

Theory #2:  Kenya really is uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Honestly, Kenya puts on one hell of a front but she’s pretty damn insecure and doesn’t fool me any more than Ramona Singer has me convinced that she isn’t a functioning alcoholic.  Haha.

Oh, and no, I don’t think Kenya is an alcoholic.  Bi-polar maybe, passive-aggressive definately but alcoholic?  Come on.  Cut it out Phaedra.

RHOA Kenya Moore drinking wine in Anguilla

A glass of wine and a low tolerance for alcohol does not make someone an alcoholic.

Kenya needs enroll in the Jody Claman school of pre-emptive discrediting (skills illustrated weekly on the Real Housewives of Vancouver) because accusing Walter of being gay is really weak and homophobic.  I wonder what Cordell Stewart thinks of the whole thing…hmmm.

Oh, and here’s Gregg Leakes riding a broom around Nene’s pool.

RHOA Gregg Leakes riding broom around Nenes pool

Oh, you thought I was joking? You go Gregg!

As much as I want to see Nene and Gregg back together and super happy and all that bullshit, what the FUCK are you smoking if you think this guy would be caught dead within 50 miles of Nene if she hadn’t “made it” in Hollywood.  Seriously.


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