RuPaul’s Drag Race: Rolaskatox, and how Schtick is Diluting Drag

WTF is up with the quality of wigs this season?!?!?!  While some are epic, most of them are making my eyes bleed.


I haven’t blogged about this show because Ru-Paul is smart…and by smart I mean that as I’m watching the show I write down all of my observations only to have Ru-Paul say THE EXACT SAME THING in the last 10 minutes of the show.

Sure, I could still post the blog, but there’s nothing fun or interesting about redundancy…

That being said, I do have one thing to say about the world of drag in general:

As with any industry, schtick and clique are the enemy of true art and only serve to drown innovation.  I’m afraid for drag and its future as a free expression rather than a rigid artform judged by some sterile rubric.

***Back to Drag Race***

“Rolaskatox” is more a mutual admiration society than a clique of Heathers.  Girls, you can be friends but at this point declaring your presence each episode as you enter the workroom sounds fake and annoying.  Stop it.

RuPauls Drag Race Rolaskatox Roxy Alaska Detox

Rolaskatox is a clique made up of (left to right) Roxxxy Andrews, Detox Icunt, and Alaska Thunderfuck on RuPaul’s Drag race.

Here’s what I see:  Roxxxy is a Class A queen who is probably just struggling with that last 10lbs…  Detox has skills but became jaded and realized more success with a gimmick than actual craft, and Alaska is afraid of failure so she hides behind schtick and a clique.

I feel for Alaska because her heart and soul are in this 100% but a part of her is afraid of being judged next to the other girls, so she holds herself back with schtick…that way if she fails it’s not because she tried her best at glam but couldn’t pull it off it’s because the judges didn’t appreciate her style.

Alaska needs to break free of this clique, they can still be friends but on RuPaul’s Drag Race they are holding her back…no, they are making it more comfortable for her to hold herself back.  Just like Darth Malgus had to make the decision to…nevermind, that’s an epic spoiler and I’m not a TOTAL bitch…


The judges need to cut out the hints and have one solid fish episode per season.  Period.  Suggestive themes for runway aren’t working, you’ve got bitches dressing up like Little Nemo and jellyfish for your “bring us your best fish” themed runway.  Seriously?

At what point are contestants actually competing with each other at a point where a judge can discern their skill with respect to a certain look or style if everyone’s going to do the schtick interpretation of a challenge?  The ‘literal interpretation of a message that one clearly understands to mean something else’ is so overplayed and groanworthy.

RuPauls Drag Race Alaska hides behind schtick

I feel like Alaska is afraid of failure so she hides behind humor and schtick…here she didn’t even try the challenge (put makeup on in the dark).

Since when did the grotesque Lisa Rinna (she’s since reduced her lips…) plus cat lady look ever become desirable?

Let me be clear, every performer has a right to express themselves but at the end of the day following a trend is quite the antithesis of self expression is it not?

Since when did drag go from an aesthetic to a grotesque imitation?  Since when did drag become a place where one felt left out because their lips weren’t ‘right’…

Lisa Renna Jocelyn Wildenstein big lip cat lady look

Dear Drag Queens of the world, please stop trying to look like this, even the people who look like this don’t want to look like this…

See I think the problem is that when Sharon Needles won last year a bunch of established queens got the wrong message…to be noticed didn’t mean perfecting a craft it meant creating and sticking to a gimmick.

Detox’s lipsync, seriously…yeah, I get it girl, you’ve got a signature lip sync…but can we call it a ‘lip sync’ if you’re playing zombie with your bottom jaw instead of actually, well, idunno…LIP SYNCING THE DAMN SONG?!?!?!

The mistake here is that Sharon is a master of her own craft, not a gimmick.  She’s corny, campy and totally channeling a test-tube lovechild between Cruella DeVille and Elvira circa 1992 that got stolen from the lab by a group of post apocalyptic zombies…and I love it.


Sharon Needles is the queen of grotesque glam.

Hopefully the world of drag does not drown in a sea of struggling actors who realize that going drag is the best way to get tv time.  If I wanted to watch a bunch of men dress up as women and try desperately to make me laugh I’d watch Saturday Night Live…which I don’t.

While there are some solid performers this season, there are also a lot of clowns…and clowns freak me the fuck out.

2 comments on “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Rolaskatox, and how Schtick is Diluting Drag

  1. alyr
    February 22, 2015

    Since when did drag go from an aesthetic to a grotesque imitation?

    Since the beginning of time. Gurl, learn history.

  2. Debo'rah
    October 14, 2016

    I CAN’T STAND ALASKA that voice is GRATEING a Kim Kardashian wanna B

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