Vanderpump Rules: What is Laura-Leigh’s Last Name?

A lot of my readers want to know what Laura-Leigh’s last name is.  Well, Laura-Leigh’s full name is, according to the Juilliard Alumni News and cross referenced with her work on Theatre For One, Laura Leigh Moser.

You read it here first :-).

Laura-Leigh guest-stars on Gossip Girl

Laura-Leigh and Penn Badgley star on Gossip Girl, where she guest-starred on Season 2 Episode 4: The Ex-Files as Amanda, new girl and Dan’s ‘post-Serena’ love interest.

**********************Special note about this post*************************

It has come to my attention that after I posted this, some commercial blogs have edited the titles and content of their posts pre-dating this one to include Laura-Leigh’s last name…without citing me as a source or noting the update/edit.

Lol internet.

I’m the one who sifted through pages of garbage, combed the Juilliard alumni newspapers and found her college work…

Before I published this article on March 9th Laura-Leigh’s last name wasn’t common knowledge, searchable or available on any blog, wiki or news site.


One comment on “Vanderpump Rules: What is Laura-Leigh’s Last Name?

  1. Geotom
    April 16, 2013

    She is a star in the making, She has that cute innocent look and a voice and talent that is a can’t miss, with the right roles. Wish her well!

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