Rachael Zoe vs Brad Goerski vs Taylor Jacobson

Honestly, I stopped watching Rachael Zoe because of Brad Goerski and what he did to Taylor Jacobson.

I like Rachael but I saw straight through Brad when he was on HER show…and watching someone get used by a passive aggressive asskisser is not my idea of entertainment.

Rachael Zoe Brad Taylor and Roger

Taylor Jacobson, Rodger Berman, Rachael Zoe and Brad Goreski in happier (and more passive aggressive) times…circa 2009. (photo from tvguide.com)

The minute he joined the cast on The Rachael Zoe Project I knew exactly what he was up to.  That ‘Paris is Burning’ episode where he went to Paris instead of Taylor Jacobson totally bothered the fuck out of me.

I honestly thought, as seasoned as she is in the industry, that Rachael would have seen right through Brad from day one and stopped his little game.

As soon as Rachael found out Brad had refused to stay behind so Taylor could go to Paris, I expected her to say:

————–>”That’s too bad, I was really hoping you would make the right decision.  I need you to stay behind for the job.  Taylor has worked for me for over 4 years and has earned the right to go to Paris with me.”

Rachael Zoe in Paris Spring 2012 Fashion Week Waiting for Chanel show to start

Only Rachael Zoe has the balls to bring a Birkin to a Chanel runway show…rofl! Photo from bravotv.com

When she didn’t I had to stop watching because I knew what was going to happen next…and I was right.  Since that episode in 2009 Brad went on to Lemmiwinks his way into Rachael Zoe’s inner circle, first single white femaling Taylor out of her job and then doing the same to Rachael Zoe by stealing her clients.

Now season 2 of his own show will air after Rachael Zoe’s, trying to rip off of her ratings.

Seriously I have absolutely NOT ONE single ounce of pity for Rachael, this is what happens when you shit on someone who has busted their ass for you in favor of someone who tells you exactly what you want to hear.

Taylor Jacobson Reality Show Titles LA Style and Hollywood Unzipped

Marketing for two reality shows featuring Taylor Jacobson, both LA Style and Hollywood Unzipped have yet to air…

The difference between Taylor trying to steal your clients and Brad trying to steal your clients is that Taylor did what she had to do after you forced her into a situation…Brad did what he wanted to do because he used you.

But that was 2009 and this is 2013, Rachael’s had a kid, still looks fabulous, is amazingly talented and has (one can only hope) learned a very very important lesson.  I might give The Rachael Zoe Project a chance again (but I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard for 45 minutes than sit through Brad’s show…lol).

I really wouldn’t be so annoyed by Brad if he actually OWNED his brutal ambition.

He won the game but if you ask him how it feels to have won he’s the type who will stare you blankly in the face, say, “what game?” and proceed with some histrionics about how blessed he is to have been in the right place at the right time…*yawn*

He’s just another empty pretender clawing his way to the top…like Scheana on Vanderpump Rules.

3 comments on “Rachael Zoe vs Brad Goerski vs Taylor Jacobson

  1. Sunny
    September 25, 2013

    My thoughts exactly. I was utterly disgusted with how Brad, the insidious little game player, as you’ve so accurately pointed out, “passive aggressively” manipulated the Paris situation. What an entitled, selfish little b*tch he was/is to even think he *should* be the one to go, much less be a giant pig about it and actually go.Taylor earned it and Rachel should not have put her in that lose/ lose position. Super crappy lame @ss boss, Taylor deserved better. I really hated Brad after that and I dearly hope his pathetic show fails.

    Great post btw! You are SO perceptive. Isn’t it irritating to read in comments ppl saying aw Brad’s taking the high road, he’s such a gentleman won’t say anything bad about Rachel blah blah blah.In every interview he is SO FAKE, but ppl just eat it up.

    • MissUndercity
      September 28, 2013

      Well hello there! Thank you for your kind comments! So glad you found my post. Hi5!

      Hahaha “high road” my ass…it’s all part of the game.

      Behind closed doors Brad’s laughing at Rachael Zoe…and Rachael Zoe knows it and he knows she knows…and he knows it pisses her off and keeps her up at night every time he smiles and says something nice to the camera…

      …that’s his way of poking her with a stick because he knows she knows it’s all fake but if she tries to say anything about it she’ll just make herself look bad.

      Brad’s all schtick. If someone told me the real Brad was a straight struggling actor who found his niche walking around like a bad stereotype from Queer Eye and Gary is actually his live-in sobriety coach and best friend, I probably wouldn’t bat an eye.

      The only way to win with someone like him is to refuse to play and walk away…because most people swallow that shit like cool-aid at a Jim Jones house party (man I crack myself up).

      So far it looks like Taylor’s winning. HA!


  2. Jane Doe from Jersey
    November 3, 2014

    If you’re going to talk about her, for the love of god, spell RACHEL correctly.

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