RHOV: Amanda’s birthday, Jody’s still obsessed and Ioulia buying friendship w/a $300 Alexander McQueen scarf??

Happy birthday Amanda!  You’ve taken your first steps out of Jody’s rectum but beware, precious Lemmiwinks, the journey is far from over!

RHOV Amanda is Lemmiwinks

Week one of Amanda’s journey to escape Jody Claman’s ass…confronting the skelaton of a viewer she bored to death. The path is long but with perseverence you will succeed! I believe in you Lemmiwinks!

You are no longer boring me to death.

Although I would argue that human blood is a poor substitute for botox (I thought chemistry and molecular composition were required classes in medical school…), at least you were the center of some film time that focused on something YOU wanted to do…even if it was a ‘vampire facial’.

You don’t have to be best friends with Ronnie, Mary or Ioulia but you don’t have to throw stereotypes at them behind their backs either…especially when you really don’t know ANY of them!

******On to the birthday party******

Ioulia gave Amanda an edgy Alexander McQueen Scarf:

RHOV Ioulia buys Amanda Alexander McQueen Scarf

According to Jody Claman a $300 scarf is “phenominally expensive” and enough to purchase a friendship. Wait, what show are you on sweetheart?!?!

Jody accused Ioulia (in confessional ofcourse) of trying to buy friendship with Amanda.

I see this as a missed opportunity to rip on Mary Zilba, who bought Amanda an Hermès leather cuff:

RHOV Mary gave Amanda Hermes

…Jody called it a cat collar. Well, technically, the Hermes title for this bracelet translates to ‘dog collar’ so maybe Jody just flunked French in high school. (Picture is of a replica from lovemelrose.com the original is sold-out)

…wasn’t Mia was wearing the exact same bracelet in the exact same colour (*ehem* probably a knockoff *ehem*).  So your daughter’s allowed to wear one but Amanda’s not?  Or are you just so obsessed with Mary Zilba that you’ll badmouth Hermès (don’t you sell that in your boutique?!?!?) without thinking!  Not a recipe for success…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Jody didn’t want Mary to get any attention for buying Amanda the most expensive gift (like $1,100 USD).  HAHA.

What I can’t believe is that Jody bought Amanda a cheap tiara, gifted it to her in a TIFFANY GIFT BAG…and no one called her on it.

RHOV Jody gives Amanda a tiara

Jody gives Amanda a tiara of dubious origin in a Tiffany gift-bag. Seriously? Wouldn’t you think somthing like that would, I dunno, COME IN A FUCKING BOX too? Oh and Tiffany uses white tissue paper and a matching ribbon for future reference…

Really??!?!?!?!?  I think the camera crew strategically placed centerpieces to avoid embarassment…you know, the big white hydrangeas covering where the bag says ‘Tiffany & Co.’

…to add even more hillarity to the situation (yeah, there’s more), Jody proceeded to rip Ioulia (in confession ofcourse) for buying Amanda the scarf!

Now if someone gifted an Alexander McQueen scarf on an episode of HONEYBOOBOO I might believe that there was an attempt to purchase a friendship in the works…

RHOV Jody Mia and Ronnie at Amandas party

Jody and Mia need to fire their stylists (or hire some…LOL). Miss wannabe Radar Love and the 50 year old Strawberry Shortcake need to stop living in 1987…

…but seriously?  On the Real Housewives?  I think an Alexander McQueen scarf as a birthday gift to an acquaintance meets expectations.

Also, digging up shit about Mary Zilba from the 80’s and proceeding to claim that you called her out on her lies?  Really?  I almost think Mary’s crazy for failing to get a restraining order at this point.  Next you’ll be telling us how she washes her face before her ears in the shower!

Jody, darling, give it a rest…all this hate…it’s not just boring, it’s creepy.


7 comments on “RHOV: Amanda’s birthday, Jody’s still obsessed and Ioulia buying friendship w/a $300 Alexander McQueen scarf??

  1. Dr. Beaujangles
    March 3, 2013

    Jody is obsessed and can not control her perseveration with Mary. Unfortunately, Jody does have a Borderline Personality Disorder that is extremely evident and she requires psychological help. I can only hope that the producers seek help for her and soon.

    • MissUndercity
      March 3, 2013

      You know what, I think ur right. At first I thought she was a sociopath but she’s way too attached to her kids for that. She’s really quite harmless and just needs some serious help (of the off-camera variety).

      • Ila Flamand
        March 24, 2013

        If she is BPD then she is far from harmless, she can be very harmful and dangerous. Like a narcissist can.

  2. Teri
    March 13, 2013

    Is it possible that Jody and her grand daughter Mia don’t own mirrors in their houses of glass? Just because it has a label and is expensive does not mean fashion. It often looks like they’ve rummaged through a thrift store, oh wait, isn’t her business an over priced thrift store? And perhaps a stylist could recommend that make up shouldn’t be applied by pouring it all onto a flat surface and rolling your face in it. And when Jody’s grand daughter Mia begins drinking, is someone timing her? Is there a record of consumption quantity that she aims to break? Slow down there missy. Oh wait, that implies that I care. My bad. Basically, that whole birthday party was painful. Jody needs to cease and desist her Mary Zilba obsession. Its not Mary’s fault that Jody is aging at a more alarming speed than Mary. Jealousy down. And Amanda, you insist you’re the speak your mind type. So far I’ve heard regurgitated Jodyisms and nothing of value issue forth from you. And what type of person, aside from 3rd graders, need to spread their hate like thick paste amongst all their friends in order to ostracize another whose only fault is that she’s too ladylike to tell you all to check your own fault barometers before you go slinging mud. In any event, carry on. You amuse me beyond comprehension.

    • Meanish
      May 25, 2013

      “And perhaps a stylist could recommend that make up shouldn’t be applied by pouring it all onto a flat surface and rolling your face in it.” Love it.

  3. Meanish
    May 25, 2013

    Strawberry Shortcake? NOW I understand why Jody seems so familiar… Thank you for clarifying this for me! Bwaahahhaaa!

  4. Anonymous
    July 11, 2016

    Jody needs to leave the show, when she harasses; Mary and makes those awful face she looks so ugly, she is an old has been time to quit the show and fade into the wood work Jody, you are so mean and nasty you need to get some counselling and stay away from the public exposure go and hide your ugly face and stop talking to Mary

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