RHOV: Amanda is boring and Ioulia rules, also Lemmiwinks!

Looks like Jody’s little plan of having Amanda join the cast to be Ronnie’s best sober filming friend has backfired!  Amanda seems like an absolute puppet and is quite rude without provocation.  She’s done a pretty good job of alienating herself from the other ladies and we’re only a couple of episodes in!

Amanda made some pretty stereotypical comments about Ioulia and her husband given the fact that she is an attractive young woman of Russian descent and the age gap between her and her husband.  This didn’t sit well with Lady Ronnie Negus.

On to Vancouver Gay Pride!

1.  Amanda vs Robin: something about alcoholism and the sequined dress:

…wtf was that mess about the sequin dresses.  Robin Reichmann bought a dress at Jody Claman’s store, after advising Amanda Hansen that she was looking at a similar dress, Robin left the store.

Amanda, in true passive aggressive form, bought the dress anyway and wore it to the SAME EVENT.  Robin wore it better.  Amanda just looks like a bad extra from Carrie…the 1980’s version (which is sad ’cause Amanda’s massively younger than Robin…).  Anyway…

Ok.  I must say this is another reason I doubt Jody’s business acumen…

Say I own a store.  I make a new friend.  My new friend buys a dress at my store.  My daughter’s friend buys a dress at my store and proceeds to brag about how it is similar to the dress that my new friend bought and that she also plans to wear it to the same event as my new friend.

IDK, as a businesswoman I think I’d discourage my daughter’s friend from intentionally trying to make my new friend (and customer!) feel uncomfortable in a dress bought at MY STORE…but /meh.  To each her own I guess.

RHOV Amanda vs Robin

Amanda tells Robin she’s an alcoholic and Robin apologizes for the misunderstanding. Holy shit, that’s a Real Housewives first! Kudos Robin for being rational!

I pegged Amanda Hansen as Jody’s minion from the moment she said she was Mia’s friend…but now she just looks boring as fuck running around after Jody picking up her scraps.

She’s got way too much to prove and she’s so far up Jody’s ass I should start calling her Lemmywinks.

RHOV and Amanda's Lemmiwinks Pilgrimage

…it’s a long and treacherous journey, hopefully Amanda finds her way out of Jody’s ass before she bores viewers to death.

2.  Ioulia played Russian Spy…

I love Ioulia, if you throw her shade she undermines you by being a fabulous attention whore.  See, there’s annoying attention whores and then there’s masters of the trade.  She’s so good at it I can’t help but admire her skill.  Ioulia Reynolds has that magnetic charisma that lights up the room

Ioulia will smile and nod but she’s smarter than half this cast combined.  Go Ioulia!!!!!  I just hope she’s smart enough not to become Jody’s lap-dog because the whole ‘ask Mary why she’s here’ thing at the Gay Pride party was beyond high school.

RHOV Ioulia plays russian spy for Jody

Jody asks Ioulia to ask Mary why she’s at the party…I guess Mary was invented by the bar owner and the party isn’t “Jody’s event”…lol

3.  Was it really Jody’s private “event” that Mary crashed or just a party she attended that Mary was also invited to…

It looked more like Jody invited some friends to a bar that was having a party to celebrate the parade…and tried to act like she was throwing the whole party when in reality her group was just one of many in the bar.

RHOV: Random people at the party

Really, Jody, you personally invited all these people to the party? Because it looks like they walked in during the parade for a drink…

The whole episode it was obvious that the bar was open and people were coming in and out.  Jody and her group came in the back door and hung out at the back by the wall the whole time.

RHOV Jody and friends take shots

Jody and friends take shots…

I don’t know about you but if I was hosting a private party at a bar don’t you think I’d be at the CENTER of the action?  Or if I hated someone as much as Jody hates Mary don’t you think I think I’d have a GUEST LIST?  Lol.  Come on.

RHOV Mary and Robin and friends take shots

Mary and Robin and friends take shots

Awesome that the bar owner invited Mary and totally blew Jody’s fake story about her “private” party.

Jody may have dressed the part but who ever heard of hosting a party from the back of the bar by the wall?  Seriously.

2 comments on “RHOV: Amanda is boring and Ioulia rules, also Lemmiwinks!

  1. Meanish
    May 25, 2013

    Yes, Miss Undercity, my daughter knows people who were there that night – it was NOT a private Jody party. The bar was open for business as usual.

    Come to think of it, why WOULD a bar have a private closed party during Pride? It would be like an Irish pub holding a baby shower on St. Paddy’s Day – completely stupid business-wise.

    Jody is completely delusional, psychopathic or both. “Stop the lies, Jody. You’re pathetic.” Sheesh.

    • MissUndercity
      June 10, 2013

      Hells yes I freakin’ knew it…and the analogy of St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish Pub is PERFECT…the fact that she calls herself a business woman and tried to push such a dumb lie is pretty sad.

      Seeing as how there’s been no reunion, I truly hope she’s getting the help she needs.

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