Vanderpump Rules: Lisa calles out Jax on using Laura-Leigh

I feel like the show is going to move on from this episode and, unfortunately, Laura-Leigh might just disappear into the background again, just like they fired Frank, (but that might not be such a bad thing seeing as how she’s a REAL actress…)

…so that the attention can focus on Jax and Stassi getting back together, Scheana and Stassi getting along and the whole clique at Sur working together as one big happy fucking fake ass family.


I’m disgusted and bored.

The whole plot with Laura-Leigh and Jax had me on the edge of my seat.  I was afraid for Laura-Leigh.

Laura-Leigh has dinner with Jax

“This has been the most sexually fulfilled past two weeks of my life!” (but I’m not going to tell you that I don’t consider you my girlfriend…)

Yeah, I know, everyone’s an adult, they can make their own choices etc, blah but the way it was edited I saw Laura-Leigh as almost child-like in her infatuation with Jax and given her fragile past I was so terrified that she’d assign Jax the role of some sort of “Rock” in her life so soon that when Jax turned out to be the scumbag he is it would ruin Laura-Leigh into a deadly relapse.

OMG so glad I was wrong!

I knew Jax was using her, everyone on the show knew Jax was using her, shit even Lisa Vanderpump pulled Jax aside and called him out:

Lisa confronts Jax

Lisa confronts Jax about leading Laura-Leigh on…

Playing the “oh I’m so innocent I had no idea she was misinterpreting me” card doesn’t work for a 3o something deadbeat lifer bartender leading on a young, recovering co-worker who lacks a father figure…  Seriously.

******Lisa Confronts Jax about his intentions with Laura-Leigh******

Lisa: “I’m going to tell you, this girl, she might appear strong to you and you think she’s got it together, she hasn’t.”

Jax: “I know.  I know her past.  I know everything.”


Lisa: “I [dislike?] the subliminal messages, [ending?] Stassi, having sex in bathrooms with her…”

Jax: “I’m not trying to send a message, I’m trying to move on from what I had”

Lisa: “You moved on really bloody quickly”

Jax: “You know what, it’s um, uh, she’s not my girlfriend.”

******Wait, are you saying Laura-Leigh’s not your girlfriend?  You might want to, I don’t know, TELL HER THAT…!******

Lisa: “I would say that she’s your girlfriend.  She’s emotionally invested in this.”

Jax: “This, what’s going on here, is, I, I, it’s unexplainable.  I don’t know right now.  I don’t know.  I’m having fun right now…”

Lisa: “…but this isn’t your play-ground, this is your work-ground do we still understand that?  You want your job here, right?

Jax: “Yeah, I love my job here.”

Lisa: “If I find out that this is really the truth,:

Jax: “Ok”

Lisa: “…you will be out of here faster than you got in her knickers.  Do we understand each other?”

Jax: “Absolutely.  I would never do that here.”

Lisa: “You can go.”

…Seeing as how Jax admitted in the confessional that they got busted getting it on in the V.I.P. bathroom, I wouldn’t be surprized if his days are numbered here (and it wouldn’t be too soon).  He was comfortable being Stassi’s bitch, he got a little too comfortable and decided to rebel and maybe shit a little in his own bed.  Bad idea.

Jax: “Laura-Leigh is a freak, she is an absolute freak, but, I love it!”

*****Ok here’s the play by play.  If it’s in quotes it’s exact, if I’m mistaken pls comment so I can fix it!*****

Jax and Laura-Leigh’s dinner:

Jax: “But this is what I love about us, this is fun, I’ve never had this!”

******Newsflash, if she’s not your ‘girlfriend,’ THERE IS NO “US”…come on.******

Laura-Leigh: “I can’t keep my hands off of you”

******She’s telling you she loves the sex, now would be a great time to tell her she’s not your girlfriend and that it’s just about sex…******

Jax: “This is great”

******Noncomitted generic response to see what she’s going to say next…******

Laura-Leigh: “I don’t want to keep my hands off of you, ever.  I can honestly say, you are the most attractive man I have ever dated.”

******Again she’s telling you she loves the sex, again, great time to tell her you’re on THE SAME PAGE…******

Jax: “Well that’s good to hear.  Can’t hear that enough”

******Another noncommittal generic response to see where she’s going with this instead of JUST BEING HONEST…******

Laura-Leigh: “I literally feel like someone’s been following me around for like the last five years, ‘Laura-Leigh what do you want in a man, what would you like in a man, and then like gave you the list and said, ok Jax here’s all the secrets, now just say this this this and this, that’s how much you say the right thing.”

*******Ok, if I might interject for just a moment here, if a girl says this to you she’s waiting for you to either fess up that you’ve STALKED THE FUCK out of her Facebook page to become her ‘dream guy’ overnight or that YOU REALLY ARE the man of her dreams that you’ve been acting like for the past couple weeks.   I think it’s obvious into which category our friend, Jax, falls…what a creep.*******

Jax: “Cheers, baby”

******Another noncommittal generic response…******

Laura-Leigh: “Hey, I’m happy I’m here with you.”

******Here, due to his generic responses, she’s feeling around for some emotion or positive/negative response from him because she really wants to believe all this is real and he really is the man he’s been acting like (namely, the man of her dreams…) but she’s still somewhat scared”

Jax: “I’m happy I’m here with you too.”

******He just repeats what she said…weak and misleading…******

Also, at first, I expected Laura-Leigh would be mousy, submissive and annoying as fuck…you know, like most rebound girlfriends.  The reason why I’m wasting all this time writing here is because Laura-Leigh held her own and I was totally impressed!

Vanderpump Rules: Laura-Leigh confronts Stassi

“You are so fake, you’re going to sit here and talk about how you’re not a ‘ghetto bitch’ and how you don’t pull hair but you’re going to send me text messages harassing me…”

One thing I’m disappointed in: Laura-Leigh lying about having sex in the bathroom.  I totally expected Jax to lie and act incredulous but I also totally expected that Laura-Leigh would tell the truth.

Maybe she was afraid of losing her job…but seriously, from my angle it looked like honesty would have gained Laura-Leigh 1000 points with Lisa…but then again Frank was honest with Lisa and look where it landed him (although his honesty did require some prodding, so I’d have fired him too…).


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