RHOV: Does Jody Claman owe Mary Zilba’s ex $1million dollars?

What might seemed like a random Jody Claman asskissing article actually turned into a pretty juicy bit of gossip straight from the horse’s mouth…

A big pile of money

Don’t touch this money, it’s from the Bad Girls Club and could probably give you herpes…

Well you know how the best liars always sprinkle some truth among their lies, out of nowhere Jody accuses Mary of starting rumors that Jody’s husband owes Mary’s ex-boyfriend $1 million dollars!!!

Well!  That’s the first I’ve heard of this so:

1.  Mary sucks at spreading rumors…

2.  Jody is trying to get this out there first so people get used to hearing it and ascribe it to gossip before it hits the front page of a tabloid…because it’s actually true.

3.  Jody made it up and is trying to make Mary look bad.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Mary and Ronnie know enough about Jody and Mia to embarass them both back to Meritt.  Jody’s trying to intimidate Mary off the show and feel around to see how far she can push Ronnie before trying to control Ronnie.

The original article: On 20 Feb the Meritt Herald published an article interviewing Jody Claman in which recites her latest script regarding her origins and proceeds to namedrop shamelessly…

Now that celebrity charity dares are pretty popular someone should challenge Jody Claman to speak for 10 minutes straight without mentioning Mary or a Jewish sterotype.

One comment on “RHOV: Does Jody Claman owe Mary Zilba’s ex $1million dollars?

  1. nicole
    December 17, 2014

    Jody and Mia whoever!! Are the most ugly unattractive, mean, spiteful people I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching. That fake British accent is ludicrous (I’m english). Jody is a bully and I’m completely shocked that the housewives franchise allowed this to go on. Still what goes around comes around. Didn’t Mia just get shot!!
    Enough said.

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