BGC: Sloppy strippers club…Jerry comes to visit

Is it possible to get an STD from watching tv?  This season of the Bad Girls Club is starting to scare me…

Every time I watch an episode I feel like I should get myself tested.

Bad girls are confident and don’t give a shit what other people think…all I keep seeing are a bunch of drunk, marginally attractive, overemotional strippers.  *yawn*

Ok, I’m not going to be a hater here…some parts can be pretty hot:

GBC bad girls club body shots

One hot girl taking a shot off of another hot girl’s belly button…ok, this is hot…

…sadly, the above mentioned hotness is far overshadowed by what the fuckedness below:

Sloppy Bad Girls Club wannabe lesbian triangle

Not really sure what I’m looking at here…is this supposed to be hot? because all I can see is neon spandex and herpes.

…seriously…it’s not sexy it’s just cringeworthy.

There’s a new girl, Raquen “Rocky” Santiago.  Isn’t “Rocky” like the most common registered dog name in the United States.  Don’t quote me on that, it was one of those email pop up thingys that had cute puppy pictures that made  me all “awwwwww!”

Anyway, she’s one of those white girls with that crazy curly blonde hair where if she straightens it she looks like a completely different person…u kno, like tailor swift hair lol.

tailor swift straight or curly hair

You ever meet one of those white girls with that magical blonde hair that if they straighten it they look like a completely different person? You know, like Taylor Swift hair…

Seriously…I can’t be the only person who finds the above phenominon amazing…

Anyway.  Other than revealing to the world that I’d probably be the worst ever super secret spy I’m really quite tired of the Bad Girls Club going into stripperville.  Sure, strippers can be ‘bad girls’ but really..?

BGC jerry shannons sugar daddy

…this guy is named Jerry. He doesn’t have a last name but I’m sure ATL will kno him :P…aparently he’s Shannon’s sugar daddy.

So, um, this guy shows up, his name is Jerry and I’m not sure if he’s there for Shannon or if he’s there for tv time…

BGC jerrys lap dance

Not even sure which bad girl is this agile…but I’m cringing.

and the evening continues…

BGC jerry likes boobs

Jerry makes his rounds about the Bad Girls Club house.


BGC Rocky gives jerry lap dance

Rocky looks pretty good here…but still creeped out by the whole scene

I’m not even really sure what to think while watching this season…which I’ll probably do through tivos because it’s not holding my attention.  If I wanted to watch a bunch of thirsty strippers grind on nasty ass old men I’d party in…oh hell if you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about…:P

So, anyway, the new girl is named “Rocky”…here are some more pictures.

BGC Rocky dancing on window

In this moment I think I look like Kesha…and I’m actually right!

Rocky aka Raquel Santiago looks pretty hot.  Sadly for her the evening didn’t continue along the lines of predictable female inebriation and poor decisions.

The other ‘new girl,’  jenniffer hardwick, had other intentions…most of which seemingly included lame attempts at pulling Raquel’s bikini off…

BGC jenniffer vs rocky drunk fight

This is exactly what it looks like.

So I guess Jenifer, the new girl before Rocky, who is also a stripper, was mad at Rocky for something…not sure what.  Did it have to do with some hot pockets?  I don’t know or honestly give a shit at this point.

Jenniffer, having already proven her worth to the other girls as a fun loving chick who can fit in, is going overboard at this point and bullying the newer new girl.  A move that will surely backfire.

BGC Rocky is topless and mad

…sure, rip off my bikini top. I’mma chuck your makeup in the toilet bitch!

So, at the end of the day, what did we learn?  Guys and bricks of bills come and go…

BGC dolla bills yo!

…omg, look, it’s…like…$53!!!

…but don’t fuck with a bitch’s groove when she’s wasted off her ass.  Or put her in a bed with another man.  Period.  Yo, I know, maybe, Shannon you were worried about Rocky sleeping on the floor…

Well, let me be clear, as a girl I think it’s ok to say that if I’m drunk off my ass, and topless (hypothetically speaking ofcourse…) I’d rather sleep on the ground, in a ditch, in a river, in a pile of DOG SHIT than wake up to find myself next to my roommate’s ‘sugar daddy’.  Seriously.


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