Vanderpump Rules: Stassi watch out for that Scheana!

This show is bewildering as fuck.

I do like Stassi, mean texts, violent metaphors and all…and she needs to be careful of that Scheana Marie.  A girl who sleeps with a married man who is a famous actor, then pretends not to know about his wife and 3 kids is not a girl who is used to having normal girlfriends.

Schaena Marie rubs lotion on Stassi's then boyfriend, Jax

This is exactly what it looks like: a reality tv female dominance ritual, homewrecker style…

Scheena is cold, calculating and plays chess with people…she didn’t rub lotion on Jax because she liked him, she did it because she knew it would provoke Stassi into looking like a mean-girl bully.

That’s a really nice way of saying she’s just another textbook sociopath on a reality show (boring).  She just plays the passive aggressive path rather than the outright obviously insane one.  At the end of the evening the only person she thinks is human is herself…and I see right through it.

Sure, I understand everyone’s got a right to change and move on from the past but girls like Scheena are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles.  They’re cut throat and they’re scrapping until they get to the top.

Here’s my take:

Scheana didn’t love Eddie Ciprian, she thought sleeping with him would get her somewhere.  When Eddie left his wife for Leanne Rhymes, Scheana tried to sell her story like she was Eddies love, like Eddie was in a loveless marriage and somehow she was the true victim of Eddie’s infidelity with Leanne Rhymes. People really didn’t buy it and Schaena disappeared.

Or was she saying Eddie cheated on LeAnne with her?…so does that make her the other, other woman?  I’m confused, so a famous married actor cheats on his wife and the mother of his three children with a grammy award winning singer and somehow you knew none of this, you thought he was single and in love with you?

Holy shit girl, you can’t be serious.  There’s not enough crack in the world to make anyone believe that…

Schaena Marie vs Stassi

This is what passive aggressive feigned ignorance looks like…

I’d like to find out how she got a job working for Lisa.  She’s not the tall, thin model type like the rest of the servers at Sur.  Put her in a picture standing up with the rest of them and she stands out like Snookie at a meet and greet with the Globetrotters.  She didn’t make the grade to work at Sur, she worked at the other restaurant and was moved to Sur for the show…because they thought the drama with Brandi Glanville’s ex would drive ratings.

It doesn’t take too much speculation to figure out how an unqualified marginally attractive short girl who is  larger than a size 2  without any connected relatives gets work in front of a camera in Hollywood…yes, you may use your imagination but I’m not responsible for any mental images that might result.

This is what I see.  Schaena tried to use Eddie, failed.  Scheena used her friend Tina to front the fee at the Roxy and then when it was time for the cameras to film Tina’s performance Scheena stole the spotlight and chased after her next mark, Stassi.

Scheana is one of those girls who is very good at making someone a close personal friend very quickly…and then as quickly as it came, once she gets what she needs, she acts like the connection was never there…becomes distant, and eventually disappears

Twenty bucks says Scheana films with her ‘friend’ Tina maybe one more time…and then never again.

Stassi’s rich, she’s well connected, she’s also insecure, isolated and vulnerable.  Stassi is ripe for the picking.

Sheana’s a younger, shorter female version of Jax (who was just using you for a job, apartment and connections…) and you deserve better.  For fuck’s sake girl, run.


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