RHOV: Season two, Jody is still obsessed with Mary Zilba and it’s creepy

Last season was hard to watch the Real Housewives of Vancouver.  It was a bunch of wierdness, women behaving badly and not the kind that makes good television.  I  liked Reiko and her cars…I didn’t like Jody Claman spouting Jewish stereotypes every 10 minutes and obsessing over Mary Zilba, it was creepy.

It’s almost like Jody is a wannabe Canadian version of Rachael Zoe but falls short and looks like a cheap knockoff…ugh textbook sociopaths are so boring.

RHOV Jody and Rachael Zoe

One of these women is kinda creepy, calls herself a fashionista and uses the word ‘vintage’ as a euphemism for ‘used’, the other is Rachael Zoe.

Christina and Reiko are out (aww), and three new girls are in, there’s a Russian to replace Christina, a Texan who doesn’t suffer bullshitters and another blonde living on alimony.

Season Two Cast: Real Housewives of Vancouver

Oh gee, look who had to be photoshopped into this picture, I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count…

Huh, looking at the picture above, maybe now I can see why Jody hates Mary so much…well one of the reasons anyway.  These two ladies are pretty close in age, but one looks 20 years younger.  Hint, it’s not the one wearing 300lbs of dead animal fur (I wonder if that’s actually chinchilla…or chinchilla dyed rabbit…HA).  LOL

The Russian chick is Ioulia Reynolds (not a mail order bride), so far it sounds like she knows a lot about art.  This could be interesting if she actually knows about art and isn’t just a shit talking pretender like that little foul mouthed trollup on the Real Housewives of Miami (school in Paris my ass I’m not buying what that Audriana’s selling HA)…oh, and she’s got a wardrobe the size of Montana (according to her hubby) but nothing to wear.  She could be fun.

So far I like the Texan, Robin Reichman.  She’s a real equestrian, not just one of those hobby types trying to act cultured.  I can tell she’s not going to take shit from anyone and I’m going to keep watching only because I can’t wait to see her call a spade a spade…(this show is full of spades).

Not sure about the blonde single mom/alcoholic, hang on I have to google her name….Amanda Hansen.  It seems like in order to get back into Ronnie’s good graces Jody pulled this girl out of the wood-work, like here’s another alcoholic, now you two can film little sober events together…and we can be one big Mary hating family…yay!

She’s a stay at home single mom living on alimony and somehow she’s friends with Jody’s deadbeat adult daughter Mia?  How are you a single mom and friends with that wannabe Kesha chick (the real Kesha is cool) who get around town faster than a gypsy cab? That makes no sense and is kinda creepy…well at least the alcoholic part makes more sense now…

I’m not sure we should call it the “Real Housewives of Vancouver” it sounds more like the “Real Alcoholics and Divorcees of Vancouver” but I’m going to give it a chance…just like the Real Housewives of New Jersey, this one is on thin ice with me.

Textbook sociopaths are not fun to watch, they’re boring and predictable, hence why a certain RHONY spin-off is conspicuously absent from my subject list.  *ehem* I’m over Jody and her play games.

Jody’s just insanely jealous of Mary…as a Catholic school educated ex-beauty queen I’d expect Mary to have more sense when it comes to vicious jealousy, especially the sociopathic type.  …but Mary’s also from the mid-western united states and there’s a certain level of ingrained middle class nievete that she seems unable to overcome.  If Mary was smart she’d stop whining about Jody and get a restraining order/cut her out of her life and ignore her.  When Jody finally lashes out in a truly destructive way against Mary it won’t surprize anyone, least of all me.

Looks like Ronnie forgot she has two daughters.

Some parents only have time to devote 100% to one child. When you have a special needs child, it’s even more difficult. Guess who’s about t minus 7 years away from being goth. Hint, it’s not the horse.

Already I find myself fast forwarding through Jody Claman’s segments.  Seriously, 8 minutes in you’re already trying to sell me something?  Wait, no, you’re trying to hook up one of your deadbeat adult daughter’s friends with some tv time so she can sell us something that she KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT!  She probably got stuck in one of those “health drink pyramid schemes” (ehem Monavie….Herbalife…etc.) and bought a shit load of this crappy tasting Kambucha stuff and has no idea what to do with it so she’s trying to make it look like she’s starting a legitimate business with this crap.  ROFL.

Also, how funny was it that everyone seemed to keep inviting people Ronnie’s seemingly ‘never met’ to Ronnie’s BBQ.  At first I thought, well maybe everyone’s got a +1…then I was like, seriously?  If I was Ronnie I’d have thrown them all out, that kind of shit is annoying…ofcourse it was probably staged for the filming.  Ronnie knew exactly who was coming to the BBQ.

One comment on “RHOV: Season two, Jody is still obsessed with Mary Zilba and it’s creepy

  1. faye huntington
    October 9, 2013

    very good post – I totally agree with EVERYTHING said! I have so much admiration for Mary, she is one patient woman..

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