Toddlers and Tiaras: Stars N Glitz Carla Smith has a crush…what is Grecian 5?

Some pageant directors are human beings.  If I wind up dead tomorrow it’s because I might have told someone in high school to kill me if I ever uttered that phrase.

Enter Carla Smith, North Carolina’s Stars N Glitz pageant director:

Pageant director Carla Smith

“It’s Fiesta time!”

At first she was saying stuff like,

  • “Fiesta wear is a new competition, so most moms did have to have custom outfits made for this pageant….custom routeins and special hair and makeup, special props some can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for fiesta wear.  Pageant pimpin’…that’s what we’re lookin’ for.  Pageant pimpin’.”

and I started thinking…holy shit if I were a scam artist I’d run a Peristroika themed pageant so everyone would have to hire my friends for custom theme shit too!!!

Then like 20 minutes later, as often it is with this show, a bombshell was dropped…this pageant pimp is a human being (and so is the emcee…because you know…usually the emcee is kinda creepy)!

Enter Tony Prado:

Toddlers and tiaras emcee tony prado is handsome

Goodness if Tony Prado isn’t quite the handsome little devil!

So Carla Smith has a little pageant crush on Tony Prado.  I love it.

 Carla Smith has a crush on Tony Prado

What is Grecian 5 and how do you know he’s straight?

“Anytime he’s ready to get down with the big girls he’s just gotta give me a hollar…any time!  Please be my boyfriend!”  Haha adorable!

It was so awesome to see her giggle and get excited like a little school girl over this Tony guy.  Seriously, most pageant directors have less emotion than a Kaminoan entertaining a Jedi.

Am I the only one who had to google “Grecian 5″…only to find that their website is tragic as fuck?

What is Grecian Five?

It’s hair dye, silly!

No wonder I’ve never heard of them.  Seriously, message me.  I do charity work.


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