RHOA: Phaedra tells Kenya off and Apollo eats Yogurt

Holy shit!  I was so distracted by Kenya and Porsha getting into it that I forgot to address Phaedra not letting Kenya worm her way out of the big ugly threesome question!

So here it is ladies.  This is how you handle that woman who is thinking she’s so sly just pushing the envalope and pushing a little more right in front of you to see how much you are going to internalize the anger before calling her out on her shit.

Well it appears as though Phaedra had enough…

Ok. let me clue you in on a little something about how I know who was flirting with whom…

When a man and his wife walk into a room…and the wife is looking extra fine…and other men are giving her compliments…

The awkwardness in this scene made it clear who was flirting with who...

The awkwardness in this scene made it clear who was flirting with who…

…but the loudest voice in the room belongs to a woman other than the wife…there’s some measure of socially awkward female competition going on.

If Apollo was flirting with Kenya, she would have felt no need to assert herself in this scene.  Some of my girlfriends think Phaedra dressed this way because she felt threatened by Kenya and Apollo’s display at the pool the night before.

In my opinion, however, this was all a cleverly laid trap (insert Admiral Ackbar here…fucking rebel scum) to gauge Kenya’s reaction…and as we saw above, Kenya fell right into it by behaving like a socially awkward new girl who just got invited to sit at the popular table at lunch by the head cheerleader on whose boyfriend she has a secretly burning crush.

I'm just going to push my friend's husband into the pool.  No big deal.

I’m just going to push my friend’s husband into the pool. No big deal.

Sure goofing off is normal and I don’t see anything wrong with pushing someone into a pool.  I don’t think for a minute Phaedra was threatened by Kenya’s antics.

I do think Phaedra was annoyed at the fact that for all her Pygmalion attempts to turn Apollo into a gentleman who would be above such tomfoolery, she again witnessed (remember Apollo vs Peter last season?) her husband acting like a 12 year old boy.

As in Phaedra forgot to spell out for Apollo that it’s not cool to throw another woman over his shoulder and plop her into a swimming pool while reality show cameras are out and about…

but moooooom...she pushed me in first!!!

but moooooom…she pushed me in first!!!

After this moment I can believe that Kenya thought Apollo was flirting back and sure, he might have.

He also might have been rediculously competitive enough to just want to not let a bitch throw him into the pool.

I don’t think Phaedra was threatened by Kenya so much as she was annoyed that this one incident would overshadow an entire season of Apollo acting his age.

Unfortunately, Kenya also thought this meant she had somehow gotten a foot in the door with respect to a level of comfort that most women would prefer that only they share with their husbands.

…so taking up an alpha position Miss Kenya stepped between Apollo and Phaedra, put an arm around each one and with a straight face asked Phaedra how she’d feel about pimping out her husband.

Suddenly Apollo's interest in his frosen yogurt is a matter of life and death...

Suddenly Apollo’s interest in his frozen yogurt is a matter of life and death…

Apollo is doing the only thing a man can do when the woman he just threw into the pool is asking his wife if she can sleep with him…keeping his head down and eating the fuck out of some frozen yogurt.  You notice how Phaedra is speaking to Kenya but looking at Apollo?  Yeah, Apollo is in survival mode here.  One stray eye off that frozen yogurt and he’s toast in a burberry polo shirt.

…and just as I had predicted here when Phaedra was not having any of it, “go on home now with all that nonsense, I’m married.” Kenya quickly tried to laugh like it was all a joke and, “just for fun”

Phaedra’s response was pure gold:

Like a boss.

Like a boss.

You see, the way that women like Kenya work is they say uncomfortable things and bank that the person they’re throwing shade at won’t wont repeat what was said because it is uncomfortable.

Most women will accept an apology assuming since everyone knows what happened, everyone will know what the apology is for and it’s over.  Girls like Kenya operate in the grey area of assumptions, claiming ignorance when they get caught meandering over a line.

This is how things get laughed off as a joke or even vague apologies take place but the underlying disrespect still stands as far as the would-be alpha is concerned.  Phaedra is a lawyer and she knows better than to assume mutual assent.  You’re not going to slip something sideways at her and laugh it off 30 seconds later.

Where many would assume an understanding, Phaedra takes a big black Sharpie and draws a brightline rule (big ass clear line) with respect to what is inappropriate and off limits.  If someone crosses that line, there is no joke, no accident, and no ignorance because there was no ambiguity as to where the line was drawn.

Phaedra is not that girl.


One comment on “RHOA: Phaedra tells Kenya off and Apollo eats Yogurt

  1. lisa
    April 15, 2013

    As for me , i don’t consider kenya flirting , i consider that a all out disrespect.
    She wanted to fight at that point. That was too far… would have checked that
    ——–. i would have turned into Tami roman, and Ne ne leakes rolled into one.!!!!
    THAT a i just punked you move.

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