RHOA: Miss Phaedra Parks, Apollo and Kenya Moore Drama

I can not be the only one looking forward to Miss Phaedra Parks telling ratchet ass Kenya Moore where to stick it.

Let me be clear before everyone goes all crazy here, in my opinion it’s Apollo’s job to rebuff another woman’s advances, not Phaedra’s…I’m just interested in the epic read from hell (or heaven) because Phaedra’s been pretty patient.

This is Phaedra's patient but skeptical Spock face.

This is Phaedra’s patient but skeptical Spock face.

Women like Kenya try to play it off like, “I’m a tomboy” or, “All my friends are guys” or, “I’m not a girl’s girl”.  Let me tell you something, there is a difference between being “one of the guys” and flirting with all the guys.

Ex.  Just because you date every guy in the raid doesn’t mean you’re a ‘gamer girl’.  You actually have to PLAY THE GAME.

Kenya doesn’t play the game, she makes a point of looking like she plays the game.  She’s the girl who will cozy up to your man by pretending she has everything in common with him while you are out doing your own thing.

Looks like Kenya's that new girl who throws shade at her cast members to assert herself as an Alpha.  It's not real, it's just rude.

Looks like Kenya’s that new girl who throws shade at her cast members to assert herself as an Alpha. It’s not real, it’s just rude.

If anyone’s going to put Kenya in her place it’s Phaedra.  Kenya thinks she’s coy and cute but in Phaedra’s world she’s an amateur and our favorite Southern Belle, Esquire is just waiting for the perfect moment to inform Miss USA that Phaedra is not that girl.

Oh, and aparently Kenya’s boyfriend on the show is fake.  Did this revelation really surprize anyone?  Haha, didn’t think so.

That being said, Kenya’s story for why she’s in Atlanta centered around moving there from LA because her long distance relationship with Walter Jackson was turning serious.  Now that Walter has told the world that Kenya asked him to play the part of her boyfriend on the show I’m wondering at what point was Bravo aware of this or not?

Two scenarios are likely:

1)      Kenya sold her story to Bravo and then recruited Walter to play the part of her ‘boyfriend’ because she didn’t have one.

2)      Kenya’s agent got her a role on the show to replace the fact that Marlo didn’t work out.  Her spot was contingent on her ability to deliver a plausible story explaining why the hell she relocated to Atlanta when her entire business is located 2500 miles away.

In my opinion, Kenya seems like a ‘fake it ’till you make it’ kind of girl and option #1 is probably what happened.  She thought she’d explode onto the scene a potential replacement for the hole Nene will leave when she eventually gets too big for the show (yea I giggled too).  Kenya very quickly set about rubbing everyone on the cast the wrong way in order to sound like the ‘realest bitch’ (but she’s just rude) and assert herself as Alpha.

Basically Kenya’s trying too hard to look like a bigger, better beauty queen version of Nene.  The funny part is that she’s not really sure whether or not to throw shade at Nene or kiss Nene’s ass because of Nene’s implied connections in LA.  When this part of the plot comes to a head I’ll be sure to refrain from drinking too much whisky for fear it might come out my nose when I inevitably laugh myself into a coma.

All the sideways comments and shade are meant to throw the other ladies off, challenge them and show the cameras that she is the new Alpha.  In playing her game she realized that Phaedra didn’t give a shit.  Phaedra’s a fuckin’ honey badger.  Love it.  Kenya couldn’t handle that she couldn’t get a reaction out of Phaedra…

I don’t think Kenya realizes that Phaedra is luring her into a trap.  Phaedra’s going to call Kenya out but she’s going to do it at a point where there’s no possible way that Phaedra can come out looking like the bad guy, because that’s usually how girls like Kenya play the game when they get caught.  Get ready Kenya, Phaedra eats kids like you for breakfast.

I love how Phaedra just basically refused to acknowledge Kenya all season so far.  Instead of giving up, Kenya changed tactics and crossed the line into husband territory.

I'm not trying to show your man how much more fun he could be having if he was with me because you don't like go-carts...I'm just a tom-boy...

I’m not trying to show your man how much more fun he could be having if he was with me because you don’t like go-carts…I’m just a tom-boy…

She’s the kind of girl who thinks if she shows you she can get your man, you’ll be all embarassed, shy, turn beta and/or try to compete with her to show your man who should have his attention.  Phaedra did none of these things at the race track.  She ignored Kenya.  Phaedra’s secure enough in herself that she’s not going to act a fool to compete with another fool.

Kenya gets away with her bullshit because no one calls her out on it…or when people do call her out, she laughs like nothing happened and the person joins in laughing it off to avoid confrontation.

Phaedra is not that girl….

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