RHOA: Kenya Moore vs Porsha Williams-Stewart

I can’t be the only one who was slightly disappointed at how boring it was to watch the Kenya vs Porsha fight.  The most exciting part was that for a second I thought Nene might strangle someone.  But she didn’t.  Must be a clause in her Glee contract.  Damn.

"Kenya just went all sorts of coocoo!"

“Kenya just went all sorts of coocoo!”

Actually I came away feeling a bit sorry for Kenya.  She was trying to be polite.  Porsha got mad that Kenya was looking more mature so she went for the jugular and said, “you are a non factor to me” and for the cherry on top, “you’re 40 something” oooooo no she didn’t.  As much as her false bravado has been quite obnoxious to me up to this point I really wanted Kenya to NOT REACT TO PORSHA.

When a bitch says, “how dare you be nonchalant to me”…you keep being nonchalant to watch them squirm.  Duh.  Fuck, I was so disappointed when Kenya squirmed.

No one likes to see a woman fall apart like that, but after Miss Coochie-crack gate it’s also fair to say karma’s a bitch.  Kenya, now that everyone knows you’re insecure about your age…don’t squirm ’cause the haters are going to jump on it like a trampoline.

Here’s my fan fiction for the Kenya and Porsha fight:

Porsha: “she’s a non-factor to me”

Kenya: “well that’s not very nice.”

Porsha: “you’re so hood and ghetto”

Kenya: “what does that mean?”

Porsha: “Don’t act nonchalant with me”

Kenya: “Who are you?”

Porsha: “miss 40-year-old whatever you are”

Kenya: “awe come on now”

Porsha: “Mrs Detroit…”

Kenya: “What do you have against Detroit?”

Porsha: “don’t be in my circle”

Kenya: “ok we’ve both had a little wine, this is silly, let’s knock it off”

Kenya, if you don’t percieve someone as a threat, they can’t put you in a corner.  Nonchalance is the best weapon, for future reference consult Miss Phaedra, that woman has a triple black-belt in nonchalance.

Wait, wtf is wrong with Detroit?  Porsha I'm confused.  No really.

Wait, wtf is wrong with Detroit? Porsha I’m confused. No really.

That being said, you bet your ass I’d twirl around in that dress.  Fuckyea chiffon!

At first I thought Kenya’s disrespect was an attempt to be Alpha but after tonight it seems more like Kenya is threatened by younger women who are beautiful and intelligent, perhaps because she didn’t entirely make use of her youth in a way she wishes she had.  Shit I don’t know I just watch this crap on tv.

Porsha has everything Kenya wants…youth, beauty, a rich husband and status.  Notice I didn’t say brains.  The jury’s out on that one miss 265-days-a-year…

Maybe Kenya’s angry because Porsha has everything, youth, beauty, a seemingly loving husband, and she doesn’t conquor the world in the way that Kenya would given that luck at birth, Porsha just kind of skates by on her pedigree.

So good I made some OC.

So good I made some OC.

I can see where Kenya might resent Porsha, Kenya, even though she’s crazy, has worked pretty hard to get everything she has.  In Kenya’s eyes all Porsha has is based on the luck of the draw not merit.

It seems like a midwestern american curse.  Has it ever struck you that no matter where you’re from or what you’ve done in your life as far as someone from the american midwest is concerned you’re about as intelligent, deep and hard working as Katy Perry after 20 bags of cotton candy and a can of 4LOKO?  Lol!

There are so many stereotypes that sometimes people forget to meet each other before assuming to know one’s story.  Sure, Kenya might be right about Porsha and Porsha might be right about Kenya but given where each is from, I’m not entirely sure they would have ever given each other a chance.

Phaedra, Nene and Cynthia look on while Kenya twirls.  Fuckyea chiffon night dress!

Phaedra, Nene and Cynthia look on while Kenya twirls. Fuckyea chiffon night dress!

Kenya walked into Porsha’s party looking down her nose and Porsha’s attitude towards Kenya was passive aggressive from the beginning.  I’m not really sure either woman is right, they’re both just very good at pushing each others’ buttons…but if it’s a game of status and who gets iced out of Atlanta Miss Porsha’s going to win.

If Kenya’s insecure about her age, Porsha’s insecure about her ability to fulfill the position she holds regarding her legacy.  I don’t honestly believe Porsha thinks there are 265 days in a year.  I believe Porsha second guessed herself while making the statement and went with the incorrect number because she doubted herself.  Sure, what kind of moron doubts 365 days in a year…especially one who is an educated marketing executive?  Porsha does because a part of her doubts that she is up to the task, a part of her believes that the only reason she is that marketing executive is because of her pedigree, not her ability.

Maybe Porsha’s jealous that Kenya’s hair is real.

Chill out girls, you have more in common than you think.  Stop pretending you’re better than each other and have a cup of tea, without the facade.

One comment on “RHOA: Kenya Moore vs Porsha Williams-Stewart

  1. lisa
    December 24, 2012

    Kenya is a legend, Porsha just fucked a football player and got lucky.

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