Project Runway Australia: Attack of the hipster clones

Catching up on Project Runway Australia.  This picture pretty much sums up my opinion of where the entire franchise is going…

Hipsters ruin everything.   Scratch that, casting directors who are rediculously out of touch with the fact that this look is between 5-7 years old and obnoxious as FUCK to anyone sitting at home ruin everything.

A pair of black plastic non-prescription glasses does not make you an artist, a fashion designer, deep or mysterious.

You just look stupid.  Same thing with that dumb ass fedora.  Can those things please go away already?  And a popped collar is only cool if it happened on accident or if you’re avoiding a sunburn.  For fuck’s sake grow a beard or shave.  Scheduling your 3 day old look is trying too hard, since when were neckbeards cool?

I mean I would believe your hair in that messy tousled way was cool and accidentally windswept were it not for the fact that your bangs are plastered to your face with industrial strength hairspray.

I feel like any minute now someone’s going to jump out and say, ‘just kidding’ and introduce me to the REAL cast, including REAL fashion designers, not kids fresh out of school who have yet to find their direction, apprenticeship or signature.

Nope.  Just a bunch of hipster clones.  Lame.

Not sure I can come up with a caption ironic enough to describe what this is...

Not sure I can come up with a caption ironic enough to describe what this is…

Suffice it to say I probably won’t be catching up on this one.  If I wanted to watch a bunch of hipsters between the ages of 20 and 35 pretend to understand fashion I’d save myself the time of watching a television show and walk around any random university campus with an art program.  *Yawn*

Remember when these shows actually cast interesting people who were truly passionate (and experienced) in their craft?  Yeah, neither do I.

I almost feel like if I’m going to watch a reality show I have to choose between a cast of washed up hippies who never made anything of themselves but somehow are vaguely related to or once were themselves some manner of celebrity…or a bunch of children playing at adulthood in front of a camera just to see who will buy it.

I’m very disappointed at this franchise and it’s propensity to cast inexperienced trendy looking people who haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.


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