RHOA: Kim’s haunted mansion dream house drama

She whines, she bitches, she complains and is all around annoying as fuck not to mention she’s a shameless gold digger who got lucky and somehow acts like she is where she is because she earned it…but enough about Nene…(you see what I did there?) this post is about Kim and Kendra!

My opinion: Kim & Kroy moved into Kendra’s house thinking the final asking price after a year was contingent on appraisal.

Kendra thought she could take advantage of the situation after a year and ignore the appraisal to scam an extra million.

Oh, and Kim really likes palm trees.

What moving company is this? His shirt is so new it’s never been washed. That’s the Hanes sticker tag still on it. Poor guy, all he did was show up to work, I sincerely doubt he anticipated being on tv.

  1. Kim leased the house for a year with the intention to buy.  The purchase price was contingent on an appraisal.
  2. One year later, lease is up:

(In writing this list I just realized that there is no stock html editor in wordpress.  Sorry for the shitty formatting.  *eyeroll*)

a) Kim is Pregnant

b) Kroy is working

c) Kim’s decorated the house

d) Kim’s landscaped the house

e) Kim got married in the house

f) It’s Kim’s bloody dream house!

The appraisal comes back at ONE MILLION DOLLARS LESS than the asking price but KENDRA WONT ADJUST THE ASKING PRICE.

Someone put the Margaritaville blender in with the Christmas tree. Do you not see how pregnant this woman is? Don’t piss her off!

I think Kendra seriously underestimated Kim, and that’s why all the Twitter drama.  Hahahahahahahahaha.  Reality is Kim paid all the rent.  She has yet to pay some $600/day penalty for staying past the lease.

Mind you, all this shit happened in, like, June and if Kim never paid you bet your ass there’d be some public information about a docket and a civil suit somewhere.

Even if Kim didn’t pay up, the lease agreement is solid and Kendra’ll get her pound of flesh eventually, she makes it sound like Kim’s squatting.  Personally, I could have lived (and died) without that mental image.  /sigh

Never saw a pregnant woman in a wig so happy to see some damn palm trees.

At the end of the day, Kim wins 1000 badass points for moving that much gaudy furniture and oversized vases in 2 days.  AS WELL AS ripping up all of the landscaping (but I hope she finds a good home for those palm trees).

As for the house being haunted, yeah I’d believe it, if it had anything to do with a shitty land lord who moves lesees in under the false pretense of a selling price after appraisal.

I can’t wait to hear her go nuts next week for her last episode.  Looks like she’s sitting next to Nene during that lunch…who the hell was responsible for that seating chart?  LOL Bravo!

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