ANTM: Surprize! Another rich blonde girl wins!

Even though I really wasn’t a fan of her sense of entitlement (although funny at times), as far as the competition is concerned, Kiara got robbed.  While it’s no secret I wanted Brittany to win, of the girls left, Kiara was the stronger model and should have won.

She had better pictures.

She had a better walk.

She had better posture.

She was a better role model.

She won more challenges.

Was anyone else tired of watching the judges try to do math in their heads every time they scored photos this season to make it seem genuine?

Sure the girl who won is beautiful, but she is not the better model…she’s just more popular.  Dear ANTM, congratulations on becoming a popularity contest.  Far be it for me to expect a modeling relaity show to somehow reflect meritocracy but for the second season in a row some rich blonde girl won.  How boring.

That being said, let me be clear, I don’t hate rich blonde girls, I love the fuck out of Sophie Sumner.  She is a very talented model, has an awesome attitude and all around is pretty damn fantastic.  This new winner is a pretty girl but not a model…and the whole “omg her curves” thing is rediculous.  I really didn’t notice a difference between her size and any of the other girls (well except maybe Victoria…).

Winner winner lobster dinner!

What really pisses me off about this more than anything is that this girl could have just asked her parents to hook her up with a modeling career.  She didn’t need ANTM.  She didn’t need the money.  She didn’t need the help.

She’s a tall, thin, pretty and talented girl who also has access to opportunities most girls who are just as tall, thin, pretty and talented…well, I dunno, could only get if they WIN A DUMB ASS REALITY SHOW.

I thought ANTM was about scouring the country for young women who otherwise wouldn’t be discovered…

Holy shit look at the size of Tyra’s phony pony! Also, Kiara cries fierce.

I’m not saying this means Kiara deserved to win.  I’m not saying rich girls can’t dream of becoming America’s Next Top Model, but it kind of reminds me of the Rhodes Scholar program.  Originally it was started to provide someone, a regular person with extraordinary talent, an education they wouldn’t otherwise afford.  Now it’s just a pedigree contest snapped up by people whose ‘extraordinary talent’ is having extraordinary access to things most people can barely dream of.

…like teenagers who sail around the world, is that really so amazing? I’m pretty sure if more teenagers had million dollar schooners there’d be a lot more of these little explorers…any time a kid does something I don’t think “omg most ppl play with barbie dolls at that age”…I think “wow, how many ppl playing with dolls at that age wish they had access to such fantastic resources”

I love this photo, even though the perfume looks like it was photoshopped on top of a floating bouy. Pic unrelated to rant…

I understand it meant a lot to this winner to do this on her own, to prove she didn’t need her parents, you know, like Lady Gaga keeps trying to tell everyone (lol).  In my opinion that’s kind of like writing a novel with a pen and paper because you don’t want people to think you couldn’t have done it without a computer.  If the tools are there, use them.  I get so fucking tired of people who have tools and refuse to use them.  Just because I can put a screw into a 2×4 with a screw-driver doesn’t mean I’m going to throw my drill away.  What a waste.

Ok I digress…

“Congratulations,” Kiara hugs the winner. After everything is said and done, sportsmanship is important. Kiara seems like a great role model.

I am saying that Kiara should have won because she is the better model.

I don’t even remember the winner’s name, hang on let me Google it…

*****20 minutes later*****

Sorry, got side tracked searching for quotes from Kristen Kagay and eventually reading this article.  I couldn’t decide whether that girl was just a hater or funny as fuck.  Wow she really hated the FUCK out of that Leila girl.


Am I the only one who noticed that the winner was the only contestant who could see the ground in all of her dresses? Leila (she fell) got two dresses w/no visibility, Kiara (perfect walk) had one dress with no visibility.

The winner’s name is Laura James.  She’s a very beautiful and talented girl, but Kiara is the better model.


2 comments on “ANTM: Surprize! Another rich blonde girl wins!

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  2. Shinjane
    September 14, 2013

    yes, You’re rite. I dislike this result, it wasnt fair.

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