RHOM Dear Marta…RUN!

Dear Marta,

I understand.  You are the shorter, fatter, lazier sister of a crazy blond supermodel.  And by crazy I mean crazy in love and yet to understand the pain of realizing that the same person is not as crazy in love with you.  This drives one to madness.  I’d like to give Joanna a hug.  She is beautiful, I love her and am sad at where I see her going this season.  She is just another beautiful girl who needs ONE loyal person in her life.  One.

That being said, Marta my darling, I see what you’re doing.  You think you’re smart.  You’re trying to play the loyal sister while appearing to be friendly toward other wealthy people who don’t necessarily like your sister.  You’re hoping to fall into a meal ticket in the mean time.  Don’t fool yourself, Joe Francis is not that meal ticket.  He’s like that sociopathic frat boy, but he’s 40.  Run darling, he will eat you.

You’re trying to make your way around your sister’s coat tails without being caught in her mad exhaust.

That being said.  Stop.  Be careful.  If anyone looks at you like this:

Dear girls of the world. If ppl are looking at you like THIS at a party, it’s not ’cause they like you. RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE!!!!!! Not joking.

…it’s not ’cause they like you.  It’s cause they’re about to eat you.  Maybe not in the physical zombie type cannibal sense (or maybe, if the cameras arent there and the house is big enough…yes, you could disappear) but you get my drift.  Preserve yourself, darling.  Period.



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