RHONJ: Wow, those nutbars from New Jersey…

Wow, sorry for the break, those nutbars from New Jersey really took a lot out of me.  Yeah, I know that really narrows it down, haha, but seriously you know what I’m talking about.

Theresa’s stylist had a cruel sense of humor giving her that green dress to wear…

No explanation needed here…

Honestly, I had to pause it and come back to it a few times because it was just so disturbing to watch someone self distruct out of PURE hatred and jealousy.  It was actually disgusting.  If they bring that freak show back next year I probably won’t watch.  I just can’t condone that brand of poison.

There’s a difference between funny drama (I think New York is a perfect example) and venomous drama.  There’s enough venom in the world every day I step outside my front door.  I’m not going to spend my free time watching it on tv.

Not sure who is about to eat who here…

I never really liked Theresa.  The way she treated Danielle was just awful (not that Danielle wasn’t her own brand of crazy, but she never did anything to Theresa to provoke such rediculousness), but now I see that Danielle was just a distraction.  I never really liked Caroline either.  She’s self righteous, obnoxious, and her barn of deadbeat adult children has got to go.

Theresa, unfortunately, is the textbook older, fatter, less talented, jealous sister-in-law.  Period.  I’ve met a lot of them and met a lot of their victims but this season has really given me almost a ‘bird’s eye view’ of how sickeningly insane this level of jealousy can get.

It takes a lot of energy to be that angry, that hateful, and that jealous.


She’s mad that her brother is the husband she wishes she had.  She’s mad that her brother’s wife is younger, prettier, thinner and more talented.  She’s mad that her brother’s wife gave birth to the first grandson.

That being said, Melissa is not all innocent either.  I think after being on the recieving end of Theresa’s hate Melissa found out how to hurt Theresa.  When she was telling Joe to say, “Shame on you” to Theresa after that fashion show (I use the word ‘fashion’ loosely here…), it struck a nerve with me and in the back of my head I remembered Psychology 101 in conjunction with my previous statemet that Theresa is a textbook narcissist.

Shame is a very big thing in the world of a textbook narcissist.  I don’t think Melissa knows that but I do think she knows that the “shame” button is one way to get at Theresa.  Melissa lashes out because she’s been rejected for so long she wants Theresa to feel the same way.

Theresa started it and thought she’d scare Melissa off in the first years of her marriage to Joe by being a bitch and generally causing the family to treat her like “not quite” a family member.

*insert cookies in the trash here* Who the fuck does that?

Melissa, instead of being scared off, realized that being more fabulous than Theresa at Theresa’s signature things (spending money, fashion, mothering, decorating, big hair, etc) was the best revenge.  Melissa wasn’t copying Theresa, she was showing Theresa up.

That being said, instead of letting it go Theresa’s taken it to a grotesque place.  Hate whoever you want that marries into the family but once they have kids you LET IT GO.

Trying not to look like I’m having too much fun with Aunt Melissa because my mom will call me a traitor…but I’m a kid and I’m really having fun!!!

Melissa is right to remove her kids.  She would be stupid not to suspect Theresa would use her children to hurt their youngest cousins, especially Gia who is very eager to please her mother.  That girl is being exploited in ways she won’t understand until she wakes up one day as a very very angry (and undercompensated) 25 year old.

The kids are innocent in all this but with poison as intense as Theresa’s, and with her kids already spouting it too (to feel closer to their mother), Melissa made the right decision.

That being said, this video of Gia dancing thoroughly creeps me out.  Outfits sponsored by Lookers?  Wouldn’t doubt it.  Gia is very smart and loves to dance, this creepy video is beneath her talents.  I really hope that girl is her friend because I wouldn’t put it past her mother to hire a slightly fatter child to be her friend.  I look forward to reading Gia’s book in 15 years.

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