ANTM: Alyssa’s real best photo…Photographer FAIL!

Words that best sum up ANTM this week?  PHOTOGRAPHER FAIL!

It’s very clear that the best shot happened in the first seconds of Alyssa opening the bottle of soda on the floor of what looked like a dirty prison kitchen.  Unfortunately, the photographer failed to start clicking…even the director had to say “start shooting!!!!!!”

Too late.  Instead of owning it they put the poor girl through some pretty rediculous paces only to send her home for not getting ‘the photograph’.  They really need to send that photographer home.  Where the hell do they find these hacks?

As far as I’m concerned Alyssa DID her job as a model.  The photographer failed.

Here is the best photo as captured by yours truly…:

The fact that this isn’t ‘high fashion’ has nothing to do with the model…

So, after missing the shot above, the loser photographer, instead of owning it, instead projected his frustruation onto the model, not only by making fun of her for taking direction seriously (licking floor!) but further acting frustruated like she was the one not getting it.

“Arch your butt up again…I think that Alyssa is a beautiful girl, she’s got a great body, curves, but I don’t see her as a high fashion model…”

Here’s the turd of a photo that Alyssa wound up with as the “best photo from her roll of film”…

Wait, bottom right, is that a FUCKING LIGHTSABER?!?!?!?!?!

No, Alyssa is not sliding down hill on a 7up bottle behind some cold slices of pizza.  Unfortunately it looks like anyone with a camera and the dexterity to press a button can call themselves a photographer these days.

Honestly it’s probably good Alyssa went home, next week they probably would have tried to photograph her taking a bath in a vat of cream cheese.

WTF ANTM, seriously, WTF!


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