ANTM: Topless Photoshoot on USA TV? Um why?

Wait, you’re models. What are you selling again? (I’d totally buy Nastasia’s hair)

Ok.  I have no life.  Really.  I’ve watched every episode of America’s Next Top Model.  Ever.  Yeah, I just admitted that.

That being said I’m halfway through the makeover episode of the co-ed season (ANTM season 19 episode 3) and honestly, I’m thoroughly disgusted.

This show is exactly why girls second guess everything they do and are terrified of saying, “no” to anything.

The truth is that in the REAL modeling industry, when one is represented by an agency, all modifications to permanent look are at the model’s discretion.  A stylist, hair cutter, makeup artist etc can be sued within an inch of their life if they fuck up anything on a model.

Clip in extensions, fringe (bangs), fake colour hair etc are used liberally because at the end of the day the girl is supposed to be able to walk out how she came in UNLESS SHE CONSENTS (and if she is represented by a REAL agency, the agency must also consent).

ANTM has taken the “consent” portion a bit far by making girls believe that if they say “no” to anything it could be the “one reason” why they don’t “make it” in the modeling industry…

In reality success in the “modeling industry” has more to do with lineage and being in the right place at the right time than a willingness to be photographed topless.

Kate Moss is 5’7″

Twiggy is 5’8″

See what I’m getting at? Nichole Richie walked the runway…she’s barely 5′ tall.

Shannon Stewart…is 28.  I love her, I really do, but if I look like that when I’m 35 I’ll probably…lmao!

That being said, Shannon Stewart is an amazing example of one who stood by their conviction in not one but two seasons of ANTM.  I was particularly disgusted in the ‘All Stars’ season at how the judges and photographers attempted to argue with Shannon how lingerie was the same as a bikini.  No.  You are either stupid or disgusting.

Every women knows the difference between lingerie and a bikini.  You are ridiculous to attempt to argue the difference on television.  In your attempt to show Shannon as some manner of hippocrate you instead looked rather lascivious and ridiculously out of touch.

Oh, sure, if one wears a bra and panties it’s the same skin exposure as a bikini on the beach but I challenge you to find any random woman who would exchange her bikini for a bra and panties.  This whole scene stunk of ‘my older brother just came back from law school and taught me how to make women feel insecure’…/vomit.

Ok, the Miss. Harvard attitude was obnoxious.  Maria was annoying as fuck, especially for someone who did undergrad in chemistry and applied to a ridiculously specialized grad program at Harvard just to get the pedigree.  Seriously, I wanted to dismiss this chick because she was annoying as fuck.

And please.  Let’s dispel the whole “Tyra graduated from Harvard” thing.  She took the equivalent of an Harvard Cooperative Extension business night class program.  She did not graduate Harvard.  She does not have a Bachelor’s degree in ANYTHING.  Let’s stop being absurd.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t smart.  Tyra is smart as fuck!  Smart enough to be in the right place at the right time with a clever and determined mother…

So, models sell things, hence the word “model” as in “I model: …clothes, perfume, jewellery, lingerie, etc…”

If one ‘models’ nudity, an audience can only assume the obvious is for sale.

What exactly is the title shot selling?

Ratings?  Shit.  Nazis always come after nudity.  If ANTM adds Nazis I’m out.

Nastasia is fucking amazing, by the way.  This photo is a waste of her talent and amazing hair.


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