ANTM Hold your head up Brittany!

I love Brittany.  She has such joie de vivre.  Really I love her because she is exactly like me (well my hair is shorter and she probably doesn’t have an irrational fear involving nail polish suffocating her fingertips at night, but u get the idea)…right down to doing this in public:

Ketchup and mustard for the win!

Life is too short to act like you don’t love Disney in public, no matter how old you are!  I fucking love Disneyland.

In grad school I worked at a library and I wore my lightsaber all the time, on my belt.  One day this kid came in with a lightsaber on his belt.  We dueled.  It was a blast and I assure you we both will remember it until the day we die.  As an adult I strive to be the adult I wished to meet as a kid.

I really don’t care what ‘adults’ think because I know that in the back of their minds they wish they were me (or they hate me, or they don’t care, honestly it’s /meh).  This manner of repression is the absolute source of a mid-life crisis.

That being said, there’s no one on this season of ANTM that I’d rather ride adult sized tricycles with more than Brittany…

So when someone said this about her:

Clearly Brittany was thinner than Michelle in high school because this comment made NO SENSE based on the ANTM footage…lol!

I felt horrible for Brittany after she heard this comment.  It really tore her down.  These hot tears are real.

This is a genuine reaction to a hateful comment.

I’m actually confused by this comment because all I saw from Brittany was happiness and gigglefits.  This comment insinuates Brittany is some sort of ‘mean girl’ who stomps all over others in order to bolster her own flailing bravado…

If Britt is fake, she deserves an Oscar.  Seriously.  I’ll be the one to present it and suck her toes on national television (ok maybe not that second part, ew).  Honestly, at the end of the day, I really don’t give a shit why Michelle hates Brittany because it’s clearly not because of anything the latter did on ANTM

I also love Nastasia and would LOVE to have her hair!

Nastasia’s amazing hair!

Also, if you were searching madly for how you could participate in this oh so amazing ‘social media’ season of America’s Next Top Model, don’t bother.  All this crap happened back in May/June when they were filming

Clearly someone misunderstood the whole  concept of social media…LMAO!


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