Nice Hair, Skrillex! The Sequel!

Hell’s Kitchen:  Where the scallops are raw, the scallops are overcooked, the risotto is soupy, the wellington is raw and the salad is overdressed.

Half the time it’s worth it just for the amazing opportunities it presents as a drinking game.

Remember when the contestants looked like average, experienced chefs who worked their way up to earning a position like the one offered the winner?

Me niether, but it does seem like the contestants get younger and more attractive (relatively) with each new season while the older, experienced contestants are edited to look like “tokens” more than actual contenders.

Oh, and ofcourse, while it’s never attractive to state the obvious, Gordon Ramsey yells a lot.  He must be the most docile father, “oh no kids, don’t worry, being angry is my job, when I come home I just want to braid ribbons and pet kittens”…but I digress.

I give you Skrillexdelphia’s most Skrillextastic Skrillexbian Chef.  It’s Robyn!


I’m so happy she’s back!  No, not because she was a good shit starter or because she had amazing skills on scallops (holy shit alliteration, no, no, BAD!).

Ever since Buffi Jashanmal got kicked off of Project Runway I’ve been robbed of the ability to shout, “Nice Hair Skrillex!” at a reality show contestant.  Now, with the Hell’s Kitchen finale looming Robyn is going to fill the void I’ve suffered for almost two whole weeks.

Am I excited?

How many dubs would dubstep step if dubstep could step dub?


Do I find it funny as fuck that it seems to be mostly women who emulate this hairstyle?



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