RHONY: Of bruises, buttfuckery and Sonja’s tan

Sure, there are a lot of unanswered questions remaining as this season of RNONY winds down, but what I really want to know is…WTF is up with Sonja’s bruises?  I mean watching the show it seems like the girl’s got a pretty rough lifestyle.  You know, rough, like the 60 year old woman at Sturgis type rough…but seriously.  No, I’m not joking, there’s something about that one.

What bruise? Oh this? I just tan differently!

I was going to ignore it, hope they’d explain it away with a passing phrase, but alas, all I have is perhaps the worst mental image ever for the explanation of Sonja’s second bruise this season: Sonja getting pounded in the ass by a Johnny Depp gigolo named Thoma.  “I don’t want to say ‘buttfuck’ it’s so rude!”

Oh yeah LuAnne, well Thoma gave me something to remember him by!

I’m honestly not even sure what’s stranger, the bruises or that Sonja doesn’t seem to own anything with sleeves.

No, it’s just the angle of the camera. No, it’s just the lighting. No, I’m related to Gorbachev.

Seriously, I expect a bloody explanation at the reunion.

Hear that Andy, you’ve got your homework, now get on it, chop chop, enquiring minds want to know!!!


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