RHONJ Finale: Bomb was a dud (sort of)!

Wow.  Just wow. I’m actually speechless but I’ve got so much to say, where to start. Well let me start by saying Theresa never fooled me.  Just like a couple … Continue reading

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ANTM: Topless Photoshoot on USA TV? Um why?

Ok.  I have no life.  Really.  I’ve watched every episode of America’s Next Top Model.  Ever.  Yeah, I just admitted that. That being said I’m halfway through the makeover episode … Continue reading

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RHONY Sonja’s Bruises Part Deux

Not buying it Sonja.  You’re playing the classic ‘streetsmart girl who bit off more than she could chew’ part pretty well, except you keep trying to convince everyone that you’re … Continue reading

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ANTM Hold your head up Brittany!

I love Brittany.  She has such joie de vivre.  Really I love her because she is exactly like me (well my hair is shorter and she probably doesn’t have an … Continue reading

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Nice Hair, Skrillex! The Sequel!

Hell’s Kitchen:  Where the scallops are raw, the scallops are overcooked, the risotto is soupy, the wellington is raw and the salad is overdressed. Half the time it’s worth it just … Continue reading

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Meet America’s Next Top Model

Ok this season’s first episode was just as crazy as any other…not crazy as in exciting, crazy as in just plain crazy.  Senseless screaming from adult women over another adult … Continue reading

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RHONY: Of bruises, buttfuckery and Sonja’s tan

Sure, there are a lot of unanswered questions remaining as this season of RNONY winds down, but what I really want to know is…WTF is up with Sonja’s bruises?  I … Continue reading

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