RHONY: Silly LuAnne…doesn’t really speak French

Je t’adore ma belle mais enfinarrête déjà de jouer comme tu parle français

Even Countesses facepalm...

This is what a Countess facepalm looks like.

Nothing really worth mentioning this week except for the fact that we were subjected, firsthand, to LuAnne’s atrocious French grammar.

O sacré nom de Dieu!!! (dis le en voix Gaumais Belge hehe).

That being said…I don’t think she slept with mr Johnny Depp look alike.

Or maybe she did, who knows maybe Mr. Depp is her ‘free card’ with Jacques, that settling for the next best thing wouldn’t be a big deal…except she’s making it one.  They may have flirted but honestly, I really don’t think anything happened.  The problem is that she’s trying too hard to be pre-emptive about something no one would have cared about had she been honest.  People from the midwestern United States are some of the worst liars I’ve ever met, and they lie about the stupidest things.


Please note I’m not supporting or slandering the concept of a ‘free card’ merely mentioning it here for entertainment purposes only :P


2 comments on “RHONY: Silly LuAnne…doesn’t really speak French

  1. Laura
    August 31, 2012

    I saw that episode and was trying to understand LuAnn’s French. I thought that my high school classes had failed me. Good to know it was her horrible grammar instead.

    • MissUndercity
      September 1, 2012

      Haha, yeah, every season up until now they’ve only ever shown one phrase at a time of LuAnne ‘speaking’ French (never a conversation)…and now I know why!

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