RNONY: Ramona and Sonja caught day-drinking! My Dog! My Face! A charity of excuses…

What happens when you kiss Ramona and Sonja’s asses all season long and all you ask in return is that they support you at a charity event?  They go and support you because you’ve had their backs and they appreciate the new friendship?  HELL NO!

Um, why’d you guys dog Aviva like that?

So what happens when you ask Ramona and Sonja why they said they’d be there and didn’t show up at the last minute?  They admit that it was because they are day drinkers and by the time your event started they were too sloshed to step out their front door?  HELL NO x2!!

She officially can’t be mad at anyone else for saying it anymore…

One had a dermatology appointment, hey wait, don’t you have your own skincare line?  Ok, the other one’s dog almost died.  Dogs are better than grandparents as the best source of excuses ever.

  1. Late for party?  Dog got out!
  2. Don’t want to go to party?  Dog peed on carpet!
  3. Got too drunk before cycling charity event I promised my friend I’d go to but don’t want to admit I’m a lush?  Dog my ex-husband gave me who is my last remnant of how much fun I had when I could actually afford to run around looking like a weather girl on a shopping spree at Brooks Brothers lost bowel control and I thought he was dying!

It’s ok, we’ve got each other…and a bottle of cheap pinot…

It seems to me that Sonja wants to have fun, but not at the cost of her friendship with Ramona.  Sonja and Ramona are two very different people but Ramona is very well connected and she is Sonja’s only link into society sincer her divorce.  Period.

Sonja is smart, did you see how she played Heather before and during that photo shoot?  She’s a hustler.  She needed a service that Heather had volunteered to provide, Heather saw a potential bullet point on her resume and made the gamble for with a bit of pro bono work.  As a business woman she should know shit like that is always more trouble than it’s worth…and that you don’t mix business and friends.

Sonja knows Ramona is more important than any of the other women with respect to the social scene and she isn’t about to get iced out over trying to make new friends.  In essence Sonja is stuck because she is a voluntary hostage terrified of losing her relevance now that she’s no longer married into society.  She knows where she came from and she doesn’t want to go back.

Whatever bitch…

I think Carole’s expression sums it up quite nicely here.

True friends sweat together.

Aviva, my darling (don’t worry LuAnn, I’ll send you a royalty check for using your word :P), let that be a lesson to you.  Don’t deprive yourself of one more moment of fun because you are chasing Ramona and Sonja to become the 3rd musketeer.  It’ll never happen.  Go on trips with the girls and be yourself.  Don’t discount what you already have because you think the grass is greener because it isn’t, it’s drowning in cheap wine.



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