RHONY: Life and Style Magazine’s SURPRIZE BUTTSECKS party!!!

Successful troll is successful!!!

Ok, while at first glance this is funny as hell, I do have to wonder at all the bands who legitimately make a living in New York City.

It can’t be easy humoring masters like LuAnn and Life and Style Magazine…but they do.  For silly parties and all sorts of Antoinette like affairs they play public domain to placate the generic palate of their patron.  Ok I promise I’ll never do that again (the alliteration that is, I fucking hate alliterations).  Anyway everyone who had dreams of doing this is kicking themselves for not having the balls to do it.

I think it was awesome.  Not because LuAnn seemed embarassed, I never like to see anyone embarassed, I almost feel sad that people can feel this way because of what others do.  Almost.  The incident, in a very unexpected moment, separated the room.

Some found it rather entertaining, others found it repulsive and yet others still made a point of making sure everyone around them knew that their reaction was one of shock and disgust.  Interesting.

Successful troll is successful.  Congratulations on your 15 minutes.  I sure as hell laughed my ass off.


*****UPDATE: Who would have known that buttsex would have been such a running theme this season…ROFL!*****


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