RHONY: Carole is adorable!

A wild ‘clitoris iguana’ appears.

I really wanted to like Carole but I must admit that in the beginning i feared she might be a little too obsessed with getting a rise out of LuAnn.  I mean everyone knows LuAnn is uneducated and insecure, why rub it in?  Anyway, I’m glad she seems to have moved on.

I’m still waiting to find out who brought the iguana to the white elephant party…or why a room full of women who pride themselves on their fabulous parties never heard of the ‘white elephant’ concept.

Carole is charming because she handled an unexpected situation with grace.  She seems to be surrounded by those lately, unexpected situations that is.

This dress is fabulous, if you recognize it pls comment!

The little green thing in her hands is an iguana.  The amazing black and gold thing is her fabulous dress.  Seriously, if anyone recognizes this dress please comment or tweet me @missundercity.  I…must…have…this…dress.  Seriously, if I can’t figure it out I’ll be forced to contact Carole and offer to buy it after she’s bored with it (and yes, it’ll fit, haha).  I love it that much.

Bring me that lizard!

Also, wasn’t it nice to see her with a side-part?

The center part is creepy because she seems more like a manic pixie dream girl than a real person when she wears her Jennifer Anniston hair and galavants from party to party like herp a derp I’m feigning obliviousness because I’m above your silly drama.

I know exactly what she’s doing because I’m exactly the same way.  You know, like the girl who pretends not to notice you just hit on her so that you can pretend you didn’t so that she can preserve a friendship.  Yep.


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